Look at Him Run!

Finding Delight in Your Child

It was a 5K fun walk/run event. The annual event is a memorial in honor of my friend’s son who tragically lost his life during his freshman year in college. We were excited to be able to attend this year. My friend has known our son from the when he was a baby and first placed in our home. She has babysat him and given him swimming lessons. Definitely a sweet connection.


Our son loves anything that resembles a big party. So as things are getting organized, he is running around playing, laughing and talking to everyone. They gathered us for a group photo. Everyone held helium-filled balloons. I put my son on my shoulders so he could see. Then they fired a starter’s pistol. A small flock of white dove took to the sky followed by hundreds of blue and red balloons.

My son watched with excitement as he climbed down off my shoulders. Anticipation filled the air as well. Then the gun fired again to begin the race.

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6 Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn When You Disciple this Way

We all know that children grow up fast. When it’s not our own children, we notice how much they grow and change every time we see them, especially if it’s only a couple of times a year. But when they live with you…That’s another story.


The days melt together until one day you wake up and your kids are moving out of your house and beginning their lives out on their own. “Have I taught them everything they need to know?’ you ask yourself. Granted you will still have opportunities to give them guidance after they leave your house, but never like you did when they lived with you.

When it comes to discipling—teaching them the ways of God—how do you do it? Do you read God’s Word with them and teach them that way? Do you have family devotionals at mealtime or bedtime? Do you make sure they go to church regularly and hope that they learn something there?

The question is how much of that sinks in and sticks with them? I am sure some does, or at least I hope some does.

I think there is one sure way to disciple your children so that it does stick with them.

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An Interview with a Missionary—Mark and Laura Heffner serving in Taiwan

I met Mark Heffner in 2006 during Chinese New Year. We both were on a short-term trip to Pattaya, Thailand handing out Chinese Bibles to Chinese tourists visiting on holiday by the thousands. That trip influenced me more than any other short-term mission trip I have gone on before or since. First time in Thailand. First time to witness hundreds of Chinese running, grabbing, begging for copies of a Bible in their language. Beyond impactful.

And there was Mark standing right in the middle of the mass of humanity calling out to the tourists in his fluent Chinese. Engaging. Laughing. Connecting. Beyond impressed.

I hope you take a few minutes to watch or listen to this interview with Mark and his wife, Laura. They have served in Taiwan for many years, raising their children there. Enjoy!


If you want to follow and/or support Mark and Laura Heffner, contact them in the following manner:

To get updates or information about sending a team:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/marknlaura.heffner

Email – Heffner_ROC@hotmail.com

To support the Heffners:


P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228
1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729)
Office: 281-599-7411
Fax: 281-599-7511

7 Four Letter Words I Want My Son to Learn

Father's Day Post

I admit. I enjoy being a father. The cool thing is that this year, Father’s Day lands on the same day CPS placed my son in our home as a foster child four years ago. I enjoy watching him grow and seeing his personality come alive while he explores his world. I also enjoy teaching him.

Image 20

I was thinking the other day about how we as parents try to shield our kids from negative things—like four letter words! But there are many four letter words I want my son to learn. Not just learn them, but know what they mean and how to apply them in his life.

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Why Your Child Pushes You Away

The Trauma Dance

Some days, when our son is having a good day, I easily forget that he experienced trauma as a baby. Then…he bangs his head, skins his knee or maybe breaks a toy. And I see what we now call the trauma dance.

Photo Credit: vicky19840324 via Compfight cc

It begins with him running toward me or Danielle. We wait with sad faces and anticipation of comforting him. But he doesn’t make it to our outstretched arms. He suddenly veers off and runs in crazy circles crying as if he is looking for the one thing that will comfort him yet not really sure what he is looking for or where to find it.

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I Am Redesigning My Brand—You Can Help!

Hard to believe that I began blogging three years ago! Thank you for reading and joining the conversation! I enjoy finding others who are passionate about foster care, adoption, missions, and living a life sent.


Will you help me redesign my brand so that it communicates better how my site can benefit its readers like you?

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What Happens When Your Mind Is Still?

3 Important Reasons to Learn the Skill of Stillness

An elderly woman walked leisurely by while I sat in my beach chair. Danielle and our four-year-old son worked hard at making the perfect sand castle. The fourth in as many days. I noticed the woman make several glances at us as she passed. I smiled and said hello. She smiled back and exclaimed, “You guys look like a Norman Rockwell painting!”

Not quite the Norman Rockwell she commented on!

(That’s not quite the Norman Rockwell painting she was talking about!)

You know the kind of “everything is perfect” kind of picture. Danielle and I smiled back, then looked at each other with amusement. It was a nice complement even though we know better.

Just a few moments before the woman walked by, Danielle asked me a deep question. “Are you always thinking about the past or the future?”

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How Telling Your Story Helps You Heal

3 Ways to Tell Your Story

As I watch and read the stories of victims of the recent flooding in Central Texas, I know many are telling their stories over and over. Many volunteers trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) are purposefully spending their time listening and asking questions to help victims tell their stories. 

Photo Credit: nafistoatt via Compfight cc

Survivors of a sudden event like a natural disaster, the unexpected death of a loved one, finding out they have a terminal illness, etc. often struggle to “make sense” of their new reality. Even though these survivors might need long-term care, a part of the immediate (and long-term) care involves them telling their story in a safe environment.

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Foster Care through the Eyes of a Foster Family

The Many Faces of Foster Care—An Interview with Brian and Sarah Kidd Miller

Foster families are often the most overlooked and unappreciated, yet the some of the most crucial, catalytic people involved in foster care. These are the ones sacrificing time, readjusting their lifestyle, and many times managing chaos to give a child a safe and healing home to live in. They really can make it or break it for these children from a hard place.


Many foster families I know would have made a good interview. I wanted a foster family that has fostered many children of all ages, are still currently fostering, and if possible, adopting through foster care. That describes Brian and Sarah Kidd Miller.

Enjoy this interview with the Millers:

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