25 Nuggets from 25 Years of Marriage

On April 16, Danielle and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. Amazing. Grace.

Yes, that is me.

Yes, that is me.

It really does feel like it was a couple of years ago, until I see a picture of what I looked like then. Danielle looks almost the same, even better. But where did all my hair go?

Here are 25 nuggets from my 25 years of marriage.

  1. Companionship. God said that is not good to be alone. He definitely knew what He was talking about. 
  2. Friendship. Danielle is my best friend. Always has been. Even when our marriage was struggling years ago, she was my best friend.
  3. Holiness. No other earthly relationship develops holiness in me than my marriage.
  4. Forgiveness. After 25 years of two flawed people living life together, we have had lots of practice at forgiving each other. Not that I am comparing, but Danielle has had more practice than I have.
  5. Adventure. I am glad that Danielle is adventuresome. We have been in business for ourselves, lived in Thailand for six months, and most recently adopted a foster son.
  6. Mutual Accomplishment. Every time we do something together I feel closer to Danielle. It does not have to be a big thing. A month or so ago we put together a dresser from IKEA. Now that is mutual accomplishment!
  7. Accountability. After 25 years, Danielle knows me better than anyone. She strengthens me where I am weak.
  8. Faithfulness. Danielle is the most faithful person I know. She has taught me a lot. I want no one over Danielle.
  9. Sharpening. The closeness of marriage has highlighted my strengths and muted my weaknesses.
  10. Intimacy. Not only physical, which has only gotten better, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Talking and praying with Danielle always leaves me refreshed.
  11. Encouragement. One of my love languages is words of encouragement. Danielle struggled at first, but after 25 years she nails it.
  12. Enjoyment. She really is my best friend. I enjoy just hanging out with Danielle.
  13. Laughter. We love to laugh. I am pretty goofy, and I appreciate the fact that Danielle usually laughs at my silly humor.
  14. Shoulder to cry on. Having a companion to share burdens lessons the pain.
  15. Sounding board. I trust Danielle to give me good advice. I have learned to process things with her before I make decisions.
  16. Dream chaser buddy. This has some components of mutual accomplishment and adventure but much larger. Danielle has taken risks with me more than once to chase a dream.
  17. Best Friend. Did I mention that she is my best friend?
  18. Confidant. I know when I confide in Danielle she will not talk to anyone else about the conversation unless she clears it with me first.
  19. Lover. She is my lover. 25 years has made it richer.
  20. Trust. I trust Danielle with everything. Who I am and what I have.
  21. Loyalty. Danielle stands up for me all the time. I hope I do the same for her.
  22. Grace. You can use this word many ways. Here I use it as Danielle blessing me with her presence. As many have told me, I married way up.
  23. Mercy. I know this is a lot like forgiveness. But I needed a lot of mercy and forgiveness over our 25 years.
  24. Acceptance. Even with all of our flaws we learned to accept each other even though we continue to challenge each other to improve.
  25. Knowing. This word encompasses it all for me. Danielle knows me better than I know myself. And she still loves me. Wow!

In many ways I feel that we are just beginning to reach our sweet spot in our relationship. I am excited about the next 25 years married to Danielle.

What are some nuggets you have from your marriage?

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