3 Reasons to Join Me at Platform University

When I began my new venture into writing about three years ago, I knew very little about writing or publishing. As I researched and studied the industry, my heart began to sink. I read over and over that I needed to have or build a “platform”. I had no idea what that meant or entailed.

Not long after that, a good friend recommended Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. What a blessing! The timing was perfect.

You need to understand something else. Not only did I not know much about the writing industry, I knew very little about social media. Don’t chuckle too loudly—I didn’t have a single social media account to my name. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. Nothing.

I bought Michael Hyatt’s book and read it cover to cover  immediately able to apply effective principles to building a successful platform.

I used his book and his website—MichaelHyatt.com—as resources to walk me through this new journey.

Then Hyatt introduced Platform University.

I honestly thanked God for this incredible opportunity! Michael Hyatt offered me the privilege to “look over his shoulder” and learn from his success and failure in building an incredibly successful platform and career.

Hyatt doesn’t offer this often. From what I understand, he wants to make sure he is able to interact and give the best possible support to those who join his university.

Here are 3 Reasons you should join me at Platform University now while you can:

  1. Avoid Loss Time. I know I saved years of trial and error by learning from Hyatt’s and others’ mistakes. He candidly shares from his experience.
  2. Learn from Experts. It’s not just Michael Hyatt that you will learn from. Hyatt constantly introduces you to experts with his Master Class and Backstage Pass in the areas of blogging, platform building, social media, writing, speaking, how to make money with your platform, and on and on.
  3. Join a Community. Possibly the most invaluable benefit is the joy of being a part of a community of like-minded people who will encourage, support, and openly share their expertise.

Ready to join me at Platform University?

Click on Platform University today to join while the enrollment is open and receive a free, value-packed video series. Hope to see you there soon!

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