5 Ways Having A Purpose Gives You Confidence

Do you ever feel like you are aimlessly wandering through life? Do you struggle making decisions, both big and small? Odds are you do. A lot of people do.

I introduce my podcast episodes stating that everyone has a God-given mission or purpose. I really do believe that. Every single person created, whether they believe in God or not, has a purpose for being on this planet. It is a lie from the enemy of God that some people don’t have a reason for being alive.

So why is it so hard for us to know what that purpose or mission is?

The thing I learned about God is that He rarely forces His plan on us. Unless your name is Jonah getting swallowed by a giant fish, or Saul/Paul falling down blind on the road to Damascus, God patiently works with us, nudging us, sometimes waiting for us to be ready for His plan for our lives.

In a way it would be nice if He did strike us blind or have a giant fish swallow us. It’s not that He doesn’t make His mission for us clear. We just don’t always pay attention what He is telling or showing us. We are too busy doing our own thing.

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I have noticed something about people who know what their mission and purpose is. They have a confidence about them. Here are 5 reasons why I think they have this confidence:

  1. They keep on even when it’s hard. By “keep on” I mean that when a person knows what their purpose in is they don’t let failure or obstacles shut them down. They confidently keep going on, not really expecting things to get easier necessarily, but because they know that it was they are supposed to do. They don’t second guess their purpose just because life got tough.
  2. They remain humble. I find this interesting. When someone knows their mission, they become very good at it. It can give them reason to pridefully boast. However, usually they are the opposite. Knowing their purpose breeds a humble confidence.
  3. They resist distractions. Distractions come in many forms—busyness, lies, doubters. I think the biggest distraction for us today is busyness. When you know your purpose, you know what to say no to. You actually can live a simpler life knowing that you aren’t missing out on something that you should be doing.
  4. They gain their strength from the source of the mission. When a person knows that their mission is God-given, they look to Him for their strength to accomplish that mission. Confidence comes from knowing that God will give them everything they need to fulfill their purpose, including strength, wisdom, and resources.
  5. They know their identity. When you know who you are, who is in control of your life, and what your purpose is, confidence naturally flows from you.

Here is a simple question. Do you want to live life with the confidence that you are doing what God planned for you? You can.

In my podcast intro I also say that our mission or purpose might change from season to season. It has for me. That implores us to continue seeking God about His plan for us.

I really do think the free ebook, 21 Ways to Discover Your Mission, can help you explore what God’s mission is for you. You can get your free copy below.

Have you found that knowing your mission gives you confidence? I want to hear from you! Please leave a comment below about your experience.

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