5 Ways to Seek God’s Refuge

I once heard God’s attributes described as the many facets of a finely cut gemstone. One can spend an infinite amount of time gazing at the beauty of each facet. All of the facets combined create a beautiful, unique, mesmerizing gemstone.

God as my Refuge is one of His many facets or characteristics that brings me much comfort. A Strong Tower and a Hiding Place are a couple of ways I think of God as my Refuge. I find a lot of different scripture verses when I search on the word refuge. Many describe God as a mother bird covering her chicks with her expansive wings. Or as God protecting us like a mighty fortress providing a safe place for us to rest from the things that attack us or come our way.

That describes the Strong Tower or Hiding Place that I long for so often. Intellectually we seem to grasp the concept of God as our Refuge, but with our culture of busyness, overcommitment and stress, how do we apply this principle?

I by no means am good at this, but I do seek His Refuge in different, hopefully tangible ways. I share some here with you, but I also hope to learn from some of you how you do this. I too often find myself striving to live life on my strength only to end up self-consumed and stressed.

Ways I Seek God’s Refuge

  • Physically go to a place where I feel His presence. This can be as simple as a place in my home (not an easy thing) or some place that requires some travel. For me this usually is the beach. Too bad I live in Central Texas! Earlier this year I blogged about how the Ocean Speaks of His Greatness. When I am in a place of grandeur, I am reminded of how He is in control. It refocuses my attention upon Him as my Protector and Provider.
  • Meditate on His Word. As I mentioned above, many Scripture verses speak to His quality as a Refuge, a Mighty Fortress, a Strong Tower. As I meditate on these truths, they settle down into my soul becoming reality and not something alluding. His words remind me of who He is; how he loves me; how He cares for me. It is like reading a love letter over and over and over.
  • Corporately Seek His Presence. I hunger for corporate worship. More than just the handful of songs that we sing during a typical Sunday morning worship service. But a setting where we focus on His Presence. When I am in a room full of other believers with the same hunger, soon I feel His wings covering me (us). I find His Refuge in the midst of genuine corporate worship that has no other agendas or time constraints.
  • View life with a Kingdom Mentality. Simply put, I readjust my line of sight from focusing on the things that are right in front of me to a focus that is on His eternal Kingdom. It’s not that I ignore my daily responsibilities; the opposite really. Whenever I feel myself stressed by daily life, I remind myself that this is all temporal. By raising my sight line to what He sees (or as much as I can humanly do so) the things of this world take on a different perspective. This gives me peace to know that He is my eternal Refuge in whom I can rest.
  • Find His rhythm.  The world has a way of imposing its will on our schedules. We say that we want to live life a certain way, but then we wake up one day to find that we are not at all in control of how we live. The world creates a rhythm that drains us; redirects our priorities; and demands attention. God’s rhythm imparts Life, Peace, Rest, and yes Refuge.

As I said, I struggle at living life this way. But these are ways I have learned from others to seek God’s Refuge. I hope that by sharing these with you, and maybe you sharing some ways you have learned, we can help each to live life under His Covering and not by our frazzled ways.

Please add any ways that you seek God and His Refuge in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Seek God’s Refuge

  1. Kenny, I read your blog posts with interest, but – in my humble but VERY ACCURATE opinion – this is one of your best. THANK YOU for wielding a “communication 2×4” to get our attention and remind us of the eternal, important things that are so easily drowned out by the “little foxes” of daily life.