5 Ways You Can Help Launch “Adopting the Father’s Heart”

On Saturday, July 13, about 100 people joined us for a book launch party for Adopting the Father’s Heart. It was exciting to see so many friends, both old and new, come by and hang out. 



by Geoff Hammond


The entire process of writing, publishing, and promoting this book is a huge learning curve for me. One important fact I am learning over and over is that I can’t do any of this alone. Several people have helped me with this book every step of the way.

Now I need an army to help me get the word out about the book!

Here are 5 ways you can help me carry out this:

  • Read the book. I know that is obvious, but if you read it, hopefully you will want to talk about it. You can order a copy from my website. If you subscribe to my blog via email, you can get $3 off of soft and hard cover copies.
  • Post a book review. The main site to post a review on is Amazon.com. Follow these simple instructions:

Follow this link to Amazon.com book page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Customer Review.

Click on the “Write a Customer Review” button.

Write an honest review.

  • Share the book on your Facebook page. Like Adopting the Father’s Heart—a book Facebook Fan Page to get latest updates on the book and events. Also, please share links to my blog posts that you see on Facebook. Here is my last blog post—What is Your Attachment Dance?
  • Give the book. Perfect audience for this book is families considering foster/adoption, foster/adoption ministries or support groups, anyone who wants to know how to care for an at-risk child but not called to foster care or adoption.
  • Keep me informed. Please pass on to me any contacts you have within the foster care/adoption community, related blog sites, or media connections.

Thank you again for helping me get the word out about Adopting the Father’s Heart!

What are some other ways to launch Adopting the Father’s Heart?

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