7 Four Letter Words I Want My Son to Learn

Father's Day Post

I admit. I enjoy being a father. The cool thing is that this year, Father’s Day lands on the same day CPS placed my son in our home as a foster child four years ago. I enjoy watching him grow and seeing his personality come alive while he explores his world. I also enjoy teaching him.

I was thinking the other day about how we as parents try to shield our kids from negative things—like four letter words! But there are many four letter words I want my son to learn. Not just learn them, but know what they mean and how to apply them in his life.

7 Four Letter Words I Want My Son to Learn

  1. Work – It seems to me, sadly, that our culture is losing it’s work ethic. People look for a handout instead of putting in the work to earn what they have. I want my son to not only learn how to work, but how to enjoy work.
  2. Play – Learning to balance work and play will keep him young, at least at heart. If he has a family, knowing how to play with his kids will help him connect with them.
  3. Rest – Very few, in our culture at least, know how to rest well. God created us to know sabbath rest. Rest along with play really re-creates our soul and mind.
  4. Give – Our son is already blessed with more than he will ever need. Most who live in America are. I want my son to learn to give with a cheerful heart. Learning how to give wisely will teach my son how to help and influence others without hurting them.
  5. Save – We are teaching our son now how to spend, give and save. We have three jars, and any money he “earns” or gets as a gift we divide up into these jars. At this age, he gets to “save” his money for something he wants to buy. As soon as he has enough money, he can buy it. He has no or very little reason to ever go into debt if he will learn how to save now.
  6. Love – Some learn to love well and others never ever get it. When they don’t get it,  they tend to go down destructive paths. I want my son to learn that he is loved by me, his mom, and most of all a God who knows him like no other. I also want him to learn how to love others in a sacrificial way. Knowing that others are just as important as he is will help him in relationships of all kind. I want him to know that the greatest kind of love is the love God showed us through the sacrifice of His son for us.
  7. Pray – I want my son to learn the power of prayer; that it’s not just a ritual, but communing with the living God. I want him to learn how to depend on God as his provider, sustainer, source of wisdom and guidance.

I am sure as time goes on, I will add to this list of four letter words I want my son to learn. But for this Father’s Day, I think this is a good start.  Thank you God for allowing me to be a father to my precious son.

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