8 Reasons Every Christian Should Consider Blogging

I met with a group of staff and leaders at lunch today from The Church at Canyon Creek. To their credit, they were asking the question how the church can leverage social media to amplify their message. People of all ages use social media today to, well, be social. Communities form around one form of social media or another to share stories, gossip, latest fad, how to do something, and life.

Blogging takes on a little more ownership of what you share. Where once blogging mainly was a way to keep an online journal to share with friends and family, it now is a way to use your voice to impact, influence, and develop a group of followers.

If you are a non-Christian and you are still reading, please continue to read. I want you to engage with those who are true Christ followers. See how they live life, handle challenges, and relate to the world around them. Follow their blogs and interact with them. Ask them the tough questions.

An interesting thing about social media is that the way you live life, who you really are, is on display for public consumption. Many people forget this fact. This can pose a challenge for a Christian.

Yep. Before I entered the social media world, I evaluated this. I talk about it some in my post “Why I am Just Now Entering the Social Media World.” Bottom line for me is that I am not proud of all the ways I live or have lived my life. My life has not always lined up with what I believe. I am one of those hypocrites that non-believers or those who formerly believed use for not believing in Jesus Christ.

However, my desire to share about someone who is greater than me overshadows my shame or my desire to hide. I decided that the story of how Jesus redeemed my life, which is part of His story, is a good enough story to tell. What better way is there today to tell the most compelling story of all-time than a blog and a social platform? This brings me to why I think every Christian should consider blogging.

  1. You have a story to tell. Everybody has a story to tell. You may think that no one will want to hear your story, but I beg to differ. Why do you think social media, blogging, even reality TV is so popular? People do want to know who other people are, what they do, and what they have to say.
  2. It is not about you. But, if you still struggle with thinking that you do not have a story, remember it is about what Christ has done in your life. That is the compelling story.
  3. You need to be intentional about telling the story. Blogging is more intentional than typical social media. I know it is fun to post pictures from your great vacation on Facebook and tweet about where you are going to lunch, but you have much more to share.
  4. Your story is unique. No one else in the world has the same story of how God redeemed your life. Nor does anyone else have your style. Our world is moving away from getting the news, story, or sermon from the few qualified professionals. It is now a world of the ordinary person sharing their unique experience. You are uniquely qualified to tell your story of redemption.
  5. People need to know you. Yes, this can be frightening. The world needs to know us, both good and bad. This is what discipleship is about. As you invite non-believers into your crazy world, they will see how Jesus Christ is the answer. To everything.
  6. You can engage people at a heartfelt level. Blogging provides a site for people to interact with you. If you are willing, you can engage people about subjects that they may otherwise never discuss in person. Something about typing on a keypad or mobile device breaks down the barriers.
  7. You can influence how people think. You may not like that word, influence. However, everyone influences someone, and we are all influenced by someone. If you are a Christ follower, then you should want to influence and shape what others think about Jesus Christ.
  8. Blogging gives you a worldwide platform. My desire to reach the nations is influencing this point. Jesus commands us to go to the nations. The digital world we live in creates opportunities like never to do this. The story of how Jesus Christ redeemed you transcends culture. Blogging transcends time zones and most borders. If you are intentional about blogging about your life, your story, you will begin to reach people all over the world.

I know that I have not convinced everyone that they need to blog, but for those who I did convince, here are a couple of links to guys I follow that explain how to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes: Jeff Goins Michael Hyatt I look forward to hearing your unique story and your unique voice! Question for you: Can you think of other reasons a Christian should blog or maybe not blog?

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I am a longtime Austinite. Married my beautiful wife over 25 years ago. Adopted our son September 2012. Currently a writer and loving it. Previous jobs and careers include project management, missionary, and pastor. I enjoy sports (both watching and playing), traveling, reading, digging in dirt and hanging with my friends and family.

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10 thoughts on “8 Reasons Every Christian Should Consider Blogging

  1. Interesting points Kenny. In a world that keeps telling us there are too many bloggers, you make great points as to why we as Believers should be encouraged to write and share. I started my blog about a year ago. And as Ed said above, I see it not only as a way to share what God has laid on my heart, but also as a way to improve my writing. Being purposeful on both counts!

  2. I have a reason why not to blog. I love to write and feel I have incredible insights and a witty sense of humor…the perfect recipe for a good blogger. But doing that would only feed my already bloated ego. So for now I will have to deprive the world of my incredible wisdom and wit…unless you want to have lunch with me and have a two-way conversation.

  3. I Love it Kenny! I whole heartedly agree. People will read what you have to say sometimes much likelier than they will listen to you speak. And our stories are powerful! Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Kenneth;

    I would add to point one, that you have a story to tell, that blogging helps a Christian tell their story better. Blogging is a form of writing and Christians who blog should do so with an eye to improve their writing with every blog they compose. By better writing I mean getting better at telling their stories of how God worked and is working in their lives, getting better at telling people what the bible says about life, humanity and Jesus and getting better at defending and explaining the reality and power of the gospel and the Christian world view.


    • Hi Ed! Thanks for a great point. I agree. I have seen this in my own blogging. I think through what I write, because I want to communicate as well as possible. I do not know who might read my post. I have several friends who are not believers, and I respect and want their input, questions, etc. As you point out, I think blogging helps us get better at telling our story.

  5. Challenging points! Last night as I had a face to face conversation with Kenneth I told him I would never blog. I don’t have the time, don’t like to sit at the computer, don’t like to write or type, I’m not creative…blah…blah..blah… Then I read his blog today. Ugh! Don’t you hate it when your husband is right and then he even has 8 great valid points that back up his position???

    • Hey! It is my beautiful wife leaving a comment. I almost referenced that conversation in the blog, but decided not to do it. It has taken a while, but I try not to embarrass you in public. Seriously, thank you for the feedback. I think that you are very creative and write very well!