An Interview with a Missionary—Mark and Laura Heffner serving in Taiwan

I met Mark Heffner in 2006 during Chinese New Year. We both were on a short-term trip to Pattaya, Thailand handing out Chinese Bibles to Chinese tourists visiting on holiday by the thousands. That trip influenced me more than any other short-term mission trip I have gone on before or since. First time in Thailand. First time to witness hundreds of Chinese running, grabbing, begging for copies of a Bible in their language. Beyond impactful.

And there was Mark standing right in the middle of the mass of humanity calling out to the tourists in his fluent Chinese. Engaging. Laughing. Connecting. Beyond impressed.

I hope you take a few minutes to watch or listen to this interview with Mark and his wife, Laura. They have served in Taiwan for many years, raising their children there. Enjoy!


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