An Interview with Nella Davidse—Director of Tamar Center

I am excited to begin this series—An Interview with a Missionary. I have enlisted missionaries serving all around the world. As I mentioned in my blog, Six Questions for a Missionary, some will have to remain anonymous because of their location. My plan is to post one interview each month. These are those who have made a longterm commitment, some a lifetime commitment, to serve in a foreign country.

My hope and prayer is that as you meet each missionary and learn of the work they are doing you will feel compelled to make the Great Commission a priority in your own life.

Danielle and I got to know Nella in 2007 while we lived in Thailand for six months. Danielle volunteered often at the Tamar Center during that time. At the time of this interview, Nella is home for a three-month furlough. Because of her accent, I ask her where she is from for the viewers benefit. Her answer is revealing.

Please watch the video interview to learn more about Nella and the great work that she has been a part of in Pattaya, Thailand.

Here are the questions that I ask Nella on the interview:

  • Where do you serve?
  • How long have you lived/served in this location?
  • Describe the ministry.
  • Share with us a recent story.
  • What kind of challenges do you face?
  • How can we pray and support you?

Follow this link—Tamar Center—to learn more about this ministry and how you can support financially, volunteer, and receive updates.

As I mentioned above, I hope you are compelled to make mission work and the Great Commission a priority in your life. They will look different for each of us. Of course not all are called to move overseas, but we all are called to play our role.

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