Are You Willing to Ask Hard Questions About Your Life? [Podcast 021]

Interview with Joel Whose Family Serves in South Asia

In today’s episode I interview my friend Joel who along with his wife, Leah, and young family serve in a country in South Asia. In the interview I ask Joel to take us through the process of how his they mad the decision to serve as foreign missionaries.

Joel shares many nuggets about the process, but what stood out to me was when he says that they began asking themselves hard questions about how they lived life, spent their money, and so on. Joel calls this a “holy discontent”.

I think this is a good exercise for everyone to do…ask yourself hard questions about how you live life…even though it often can cause a “holy discontent”.

Listen to find out what this really looks like:

Here is what else you will hear in the episode:

…a little about Joel’s family.

The process he and Leah went through that led to the decision to go, where to go, and how…

  • “Ask any question except ‘How'”
  • Your heart quickly follows your money
  • God often uses the practical to help us discern His calling

…what a typical day looks like in the life of a young family serving on the field including:

  • Language acquisition
  • Hear about language routes
  • Schooling decisions

Stories of God is doing…

  • Among refugees
  • Through prayer movement


  • Geo-political instability
  • Isolation/loneliness

How to support…

  • Joel takes this question deeper than the simple “pray for us and consider financially supporting us

Links and Contact Info

Perspectives – Joel mentions the Perspectives class as instrumental in helping him and Leah’s preparation.

Joel also shares how they felt called to a location where unreached people lived. To learn more about unreached people groups (UPG), read my recent blog post—What Is an UPG?

Praying for Old Castle – Go here to learn more of the city and culture where Joel and Leah serve. You can also join to get updated information and be a part of the prayer movement.

If you want to get in contact with Joel to connect directly with him please fill out the contact form below. This will begin an email dialogue with me (yes I am the gatekeeper 🙂 )

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