Big Things Happening at Fostering Hope Austin

Fostering Hope Austin equips churches and families to transform the lives of foster and adopted children. —Fostering Hope Austin mission statement.

Fostering Hope Austin, as a collaboration of a few churches in the Austin area, began about 10 years ago serving families and children. Children from foster care or adopted. Families who welcomed them into their home. Churches committed to caring for children without families. Committed to surrounding families with needed support.

In the beginning Fostering Hope Austin didn’t have a name. The group of churches mainly put together an annual conference—A Future and A Hope—and made a few trainings available throughout the year.

Over the past 10 years, these churches saw a need to offer a holistic approach to foster care and adoption. We can easily motivate families to foster and adopt. An annual conference gives some invaluable resources for those considering and others who are in the midst of it. But what about ongoing support.

These kids do come from a hard place, whether adopted on the very day they are born or have spent years in foster or institutional care. Giving them a loving home is not near enough to help them overcome the trauma experienced in their lives.

What too often happens is that families who foster and adopt end up experiencing secondary trauma, isolation, and sadly, for some despair to the point of giving up.

So these churches saw a need to formalize the process by making Fostering Hope Austin a nonprofit organization. This allows for paid staff and funding that enables opportunities throughout the year for families and churches who are committed to a vision of “a community where all children from hard places find loving, healing families.”

Will You Join Us?

(from Fostering Hope Austin brochure)

If God has placed kids from hard places on your heart, or…

If you believe Christian families should engage in the foster care system, or…

If you know a family who has adopted or is fostering and could use support, or…

If God is leading you to develop or grow a foster/adoption ministry in your church…

Email to learn how you can engage in this movement!

The 2016 A Future and A Hope conference is coming soon!

February 19 is Professional day. February 20 is Family day. Find out more information by following the link.

Disclaimer: I serve as a board member of Fostering Hope Austin.

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