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If you are a foster or adoptive parent or you have a biological child who has faced trauma…If you ever feel discouraged, alone, and exhausted as a parent…If you want to know how to parent with connection better, then make sure you read and watch what is on this page.

Who am I?

Since you are probably reading this on my blog, you might already know who I am. In case this is your first time here, my name is Kenneth Camp, most call me Kenny. I am a writer, blogger, and podcaster. But my passions are mission work, foster care, and adoption. You can learn more about me and what is on my site by going here – About Kenneth.

Foster and Adoptive Parenting: Authentic Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage Parenting with Connection you will find:

  • Reinforcement of parenting with connection techniques
  • Real life experiences from the author’s family and other families
  • Tips and advice from professional counselors and an occupational therapist vis podcast links
  • Vulnerable and insightful conversations between the author and his wife via podcast links
  • Helpful recommended books and videos found throughout the book

What others are saying…

We can’t say enough about how well rounded and well thought out this resource is when it comes to responding appropriately and being a good parent, even when it’s tough. Read this book and then remember to keep it on hand to remind yourself of the best ways to love our children to the next level we know they can grow into.Josh and Jennifer Foster parents, bloggers and podcasters
As a parent, grandparent, and as a retired Preschool Director who taught parenting classes, I can honestly recommend this book to all parents, and especially to those who are foster and/ or adoptive parents. The book gives practical and insightful tips on how to connect to the child and discipline with love. Kenneth uses personal examples and stories through experiences he and his wife have had with their child. It will be a book that you will read, mark, and pull out to read again!Linda F Retired Preschool Minister
As a ministry leader serving foster and adoptive families, I am excited to have such a rich resource full of encouragement AND practical tips designed to help families build connection. This is a must-have resource for everyone who is a foster or adoptive parent, or someone who loves them.Michelle B Local Missions Pastor, Foster Care advocate



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Foster and Adoptive Parenting: Authentic Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage Parenting with Connection