Why Your Prayers Won’t Get Off the Ground

If you are a Christian who goes to church all the time, who not only loudly sings worship songs at church but also always has your radio or Pandora tune into worship channels, who loves to read books and commentaries to learn more about God, who strives to always follow God’s laws and to honor Him—this is for you.

I bet you are a person who always asks, “What is the right thing to do?”, and you want God on your side.

This is for you especially if you strive to live life like this, but you wonder with bewilderment why your prayers go unanswered, and if your prayers even get off the ground.

You wonder if God even notices you.

God gave Isaiah a word several thousand years ago and it is recorded in Isaiah 58 (one of my favorite chapters that I to define my walk with God).

As it says in Isaiah 58, here is why our prayers often don’t get off the ground:

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What Is Your View of God?

Is God someone who wound up this place called Earth, let it go, and now has nothing or very little to do with it? Is He a Father Time kind of figure? Is He an angry god? A loving Father? Does He exist at all?

Depending on who you talk to, no doubt you will get any of these views and more. The conversation might even become a little emotional and personal. So much so, some will not want to talk about it at all.

Have you ever thought of God as a missionary?

What does that mean you ask? Missionary, as someone who is sent from their own context or land into the context or land of another person.

When did God do that?

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Is There a God?

Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether or not God exists. What do you think? Is there a God? Watch this short video about the Pulse of the World on God and join the conversation.

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Do you agree or disagree with the views on the video? Leave your comment here.