Will You Become a Patron?

I began blogging in 2013 not knowing what I was doing. The reason I began was simple. I wanted to begin a new career as a writer. And, I needed to learn how to write. I wrote and published my first book that year, Adopting the Father’s Heart. Starting a blog not only helped me write better, but also it helped me promote my book.

Now over four years later, I continue to blog (hopefully getting better at it), I published a second book (Foster and Adoptive Parenting: Authentic Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage Parenting with Connection), and I began podcasting.

I begin most podcast episodes saying that the purpose for the podcast is to encourage, equip, even compel you to live a life on mission. I believe that God has a purpose for every one of us. We just don’t always know what that purpose is, or we lose sight of what it is. When this happens our lives become unfulfilling, and we tend to wander aimlessly through life.

No one wants to live life without purpose whether they realize that or not.

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4 Things that Will Always Fulfill

A need for fulfillment is a strong motivator. We want to feel happy and satisfied. We hope to see our dreams and expectations become reality.

Yet we chase after things that leave us just the opposite. Sometimes we fully expect our pursuit to fill that longing within us to have purpose, to feel content, only to find that not only were we climbing the wrong ladder, but we had it propped against the wrong building.

Other times we foolishly run after things that will not only fall painfully short of fulfillment but also ultimately destroy us. Yet we divulge for the brief escape from our current painful reality.

Does anything exist that will always bring fulfillment?

Yes! How cruel would God be if He created us with a need for fulfillment then left us without anything that will meet that need?

I can think of at least 4 things that will always bring fulfillment.

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5 Reasons to Embrace Pain

I hate pain. I moan, cry, groan, yell, sometimes say bad words. And, that’s when I have a stomach ache. Danielle just rolls her eyes.

As I write this, I am wearing a soft cast boot on my ankle I had surgically repaired about five weeks ago Yeah, just a little painful.

Then to make it more fun, I began rehab two weeks ago. So far that has reminded me of the Thai foot massages I got while living in Thailand. Kind of nice, and kind of not so nice. I know the  real pain is yet to come.

How I Used to Handle Pain

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5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Consider Fostering or Adopting

Earlier this year I wrote a blog, 9 Misguided Motives for Fostering or Adopting. I wrote that blog to caution people considering foster care or adoption to think through their motives. Why? Because foster care and/or adoption is hard and complex. Any child deserves for you to take the time to check your motives and count the cost.


John M Simmons, author and adoptive parent, left a comment on that blog suggesting that I write about some reasons to foster and adopt. Yes, families should and need to put thought into how fostering and adopting will affect them. However, there are many good reasons to decide to foster or adopt a child.

When it comes to adoption, three ways to adopt exist—from foster care, domestic or international.

What  are the most common reasons people adopt?

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Wait! Don’t Order Book on Amazon or B&N.com until week of July 15

My new book, Adopting the Father’s Heart, is available in all formats on Amazon.com and B&N.com now. But please wait until the week of July 15th to order from these sites. This will help concentrate the sells of my book which will increase it’s exposure.

You can order a softcover or hardback copy from my website now. Also, copies will be available at the book launch party on July 13 in Cedar Park.

Please tell your friends about this book’s availability.


Do Not Close the Book on 2012 Just Yet

I began to journal on a regular basis about 10 years ago.  It was the lowest point in my life. I was struggling with addiction, and my life was caving in on me.

Writing my thoughts, dreams, fears, and prayers in a journal helped me process.  It also helped me to stay focused.

I know that most men probably do not journal.  I do not care really.  It works for me.

Below is a snapshot of what I normally use for a journal.  As you can see, nothing fancy.  Sometimes, I journal daily.  A few times, more than once a day.  Other times, it is only a few times a month.


A few years ago, I began to spend some time around the New Year reading back through my journal and writing down a summary, month by month, of the past year.  We talk about New Year’s resolutions, but how often do we talk about last year’s blessings?

I leave enough space at the back of the journal for 2 pages for each month.  Then, as I read, I make bullet notes of answered prayers, highs and lows, goals met or unmet, or whatever else impresses me.

What is the benefit?  The main one is seeing God’s hand on my life.  It is a tremendous faith builder.  It also keeps me grounded in humility and gratefulness.

So,  before we all close the book on 2012, I think it could be a good thing to reflect on what the year was like.  I imagine that you can find something to be thankful for, another to be proud of, another to forgive or let go of, and another thing to move forward on in 2013.




Life Interrupted

Have you noticed how many lives the Christmas story interrupted?  Danielle, my wife, and I have read Advent devotionals each day this month.  Thank you You Version for providing them.  Reading the advent story is blessing me.



I find it fascinating that God had been silent for hundreds of years until angels began interrupting some lives.  Mary and Joseph were engaged for marriage.  But, now she was pregnant with a child!

Elizabeth and Zacharias, nearing 100 years old without ever giving birth to a child, were living a righteous life.  Then Zacharias, a priest, does not believe what an angel tells him.  So, he is unable to speak for 6 months.

Shepherds are minding their own business tending their sheep when the night sky comes alive with a whole host of angels.  And, three wise men seeking wisdom in their worldly way find out that there truly is a heavenly King.

Earthly king Herod tries to prevent this interruption of his kingdom, but God again interrupts the plans of man.  God warns the wise men of Herod’s plan.  The wise men return home by another route.

How do we respond when Christmas interrupts our lives?  Are we so self focused on our things, family and own thoughts that we miss how God has interrupted our lives?  Will we allow the Christ Child to completely alter our route home?

Notice that He does not always interrupt our lives in the same way.  Look at the different ways He used in the Christmas story.  An angel appeared.  A man could not speak.  A multitude of angels appeared.  A star directed.  A dream sent.

Let us worship and give of ourselves this Christmas in a way that will cause us to be in tune with how God is interrupting our lives.  Honestly, I would rather be interrupted by the Creator of the universe than live in pursuit of my own mundane agenda.

Thank You Lord for interrupting our lives over 2000 years ago with the birth of Jesus.  I pray that You will continue to interrupt us today with Your Goodness and Blessing.

Merry Christmas all.