Considering Foster Care or Adoption?

If you are anywhere near Austin, Texas, you should consider attending this conference—A Future and A Hope. You will find answers, inspiration, and encouragement whether you are in the beginning stages, want to help families who do foster and adopt, or are in the midst of fostering or have adopted.

This year the guest speaker is Dr. Karyn Purvis and her team from the Institute of Child Development at TCU. If you are not familiar with Dr. Purvis and her research, I recommend getting her book, The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family.

Dr. Purvis draws from years of clinical and personal experience recommending an approach to working or parenting children “from a hard place” by empowering, connecting, and correcting.

Usually parents can choose from a wide variety of parenting styles to help a child feel love and trust, and mature in their reasoning and judgments. The child may respond appropriately to any one or more of these parenting practices giving a parent a wide window of opportunity to build connection while disciplining. This helps the child grow to be an adult with healthy relationships. But for parents with kids who have experienced trauma, the window narrows and many traditional parenting techniques do not work. In fact, some of those time-tested, traditional techniques can make parenting the traumatized children very difficult and even more traumatizing.Julie Kouri

This is where what Purvis teaches comes into play, not just for an adopted or fostered child, but for any child who has faced trauma.

Not only will Dr. Purvis and her team share at the conference, three different tracks of breakout sessions led by people either with personal experience or counseling experience are offered.

The three tracks are Exploring Foster Care and Adoption, Post Adoptive and Foster Families, and Wrap Around Support.

You can find out more information about these sessions here.

I bet you are thinking that this conference with all that it offers cost around $100 to attend. Well, guess what? It is only $20 per person! That’s right. For only $20 you get access to all kinds of invaluable information about exploring foster care, adoption, how to help families who are fostering or have adopted, etc. And, the information isn’t based on theory. It is shared from those who are living it.

If you have children and wonder how you can find babysitting for all day on a Saturday, guess what else? If you hurry, you can sign up your children for FREE childcare! But you do have to hurry and register soon, because their is a limit on the amount of childcare available.

I have been informed that childcare is already full! Still a GREAT DEAL!

Can you believe this? Access to Dr. Purvis and her team, many experienced foster and adoptive families, counselors, and many others, plus free childcare all for only $20 per person!

Oh yeah! One more thing—it also includes lunch!

How is this possible?

A Future and A Hope is sponsored by Fostering Hope Austin, a network of church adoption ministries in the Austin area. These churches provide financial and logistical support for this conference so you can gain easy access to the information that you need.

So what are you waiting for? Register today. Pass this on to someone you know wants to attend or can benefit by attending!

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