Dad to Dad Series Introduction [Podcast 026]

Why it Is Important that We Fully Engage as Foster and Adoptive Dads

I am introducing a new podcast series I am calling Dad to Dad. While attending the CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans) Summit earlier this year, Amy Holman, who ran the bookstore at the summit, suggested that I create some podcast episodes directed toward other foster and adoptive dads. I loved the idea.

Our wives tend to do a better job of seeking support and encouragement where we men often try to handle it ourselves. We aren’t always comfortable sharing with others, especially when it reveals a perceived weakness or failure.

I hope that the Dad to Dad episodes will give foster and adoptive dads some support, encouragement, and challenge. I also hope that this isn’t just a one way conversation. I want you to dialogue with me, ask me questions, share your stories, even schedule a podcast interview with me.

To kick off this series, after introducing it, I touch on three reasons why I think it is important that we as fathers fully engage and embrace our role.

After you listen, let me hear from you. Also, share the podcast with your friends who are also foster or adoptive dads.

What you will hear on the podcast episode:

  • Most content about foster care and adoption is written by moms for moms.
  • Foster and adoptive dads need support, encouragement, and a challenge.
  • I share a story about how watching out my office window my son ride his bicycle brought back a memory of about 10 years ago.
  • Reasons why any child needs an engaged, fully present father figure.
  • Parenting foster and adopted kids isn’t just what our wives do. It is what we both, as mothers and fathers, do.
  • I talk about some sacrifices you, as a father, might need to make.
  • I dig into 3 reasons why it is important we as fathers fully engage our kids.

I really do want to hear from you. If you have anything to add, questions to ask me, or suggestions for future Dad to Dad episodes, including potential interviews, please leave me a comment below. If you prefer to correspond privately, fill out the contact form found below.

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