Do You Know Why You Were Put on this Planet?

Discover Your Mission. Embrace Your Destiny

I posted a blog last month—Discover and Engage Your Passion. I want to expand on that thought. Passion, in this context, is defined as “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.”

As I work on refocusing my site, I had landed on that word. However, I decided that doesn’t quite define or capture what kind of content I want to offer.

I have blogged for over two years about mission. A good, general definition here is “a special assignment given to someone.”

Mission still describes what I want to blog about. Yes, mission involves passion as we do get enthusiastic and excited about a mission (at least we should). But I think passion is often thought of as something that comes from within us.

Mission, however, really is an assignment given to us by someone else. Whether you are in the military, work at a corporation, a player on a sports team…most likely you have been given an assignment. Some of you embrace that assignment. Others carry it out only so you don’t lose your job.

Why were you put on this planet?

But what about in the bigger scheme of things. Why were you put on this planet? Did a Creator create you for a specific purpose? Something that not only brings Him glory, but also will bring you pleasure, fulfillment, and joy? Something that you really can be passionate about?

I think the answer is a loud, resounding YES!

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

I know for some that is uncomfortable to digest. You might not be a Christian. Maybe you’re not sure that even God exists.

I can still help you discover your mission, your passion, your reason for existing.

What you can get by subscribing to my blog…

So the subtitle of this blog—Discover Your Mission. Embrace Your Destiny—is what I have landed on for the tag line for the web site. I am already working on creating content to help you discover you mission, your reason for being alive. The first thing is a free e-book that you can get soon for subscribing to my blog. What does that mean? When you sign up for my blog, not only will you get the free e-book about discovering your mission, but you will also get the blog articles you want delivered to your email. And, throughout the year, you will get access to other free content available only to my email subscribers.

Already know what your mission is?

And if you already have a good idea of your mission, I will help you embrace your destiny found in living out your mission. If we share a similar mission, then many of my blogs and podcasts will specifically relate. However, plenty of the content will still help you embrace your own destiny even if your mission is drastically different from mine.

Bottom line, I hope we link arms as we discover and embrace our mission and destiny.

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