5 Things that Happen When God Has All of me

Does God really want all of me. This question challenges me. Surely God doesn’t expect to have all of me. Don’t I have free will? And my free will is to have some of my time, money, etc. for myself. Didn’t God just set things in motion for us to enjoy our lives however we want to live them?

Occasionally I meet someone who carries a sense of confidence and success that doesn’t come from themselves. It’s a sense of destiny. It’s as if God’s favor rests on them. They exude humility and peace that makes another comfortable in their midst. What they carry attracts others.

Do you know anyone like this?

I know the source, but I think I know why some who call themselves Christians carry this while so many don’t.

They allow God to have all of them. 

When I am in the presence of a person like this, I am motivated to live the same way. I even resolve to live this way. Then I slide back into my comfortable, self-centered way of living. I “give” God some of my life. I attend church. Pray some. Read my Bible some. Help others some.

I can say that for brief periods throughout my life I have given God all of me to only take it back. As I ponder why I do this, I think it boils down to the simple truth that I want to control my life, not Him. I even believe that He would and could do a better job, but I still want to do it myself.

I want the glory when things go well, and I tend to wallow in pity when things go poorly. I wonder if I gave God all of me, would I lose my identity? In the core of who I am, I must think these things to be true.

What would happen if I gave God all of my life?

  • I would assume His identityAt our core, I think we all struggle with this. This though is the root of our struggle. God created us to assume His identity. When we don’t accept this, we flounder through life seeking approval, and yes, identity. Americans really struggle with this. We are raised to be our own person. But really we don’t know how to be our own person. Think about how when someone asks us about ourselves we often respond with things that give us identity—vocation, family, hobbies.
  • My agenda becomes His. Again, individualistic cultures struggle with this. And how we handle this reveals whether we have given our all to Him. Usually we respond in one of three ways:
    • It doesn’t even cross our mind to include God in our agenda. We go about our way making our decisions based on our own wisdom, knowledge, and wants.
    • We want God’s input, but it looks more like us making the decision first then asking Him to “bless it”. Besides didn’t He give us a mind and a will?
    • Then there is the person who begins each day asking God to direct their path, speak to their heart, guide their decisions. This person doesn’t need to know all the details of the plan, just illumination for what step to take next.
  • My fears fall away. Like a child holding a father’s hand, I have no fear when I give God all of me. I can trust that He will always do what is best for me. It is His nature.
  • My ways of coping end. We simply can’t handle life on our own. When we try, we always end up looking for something that helps us cope.
  • I hear His voice more clearly. Makes sense really. When I am listening to Him, looking for His guidance, I learn to recognize His voice and His hand in my life.

No wonder a person who lives like this has the favor of God on them. Once again I resolve to allow God to have all of me. It’s really all I have to give Him that He doesn’t already have.

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