Does God Speak Your Language? An interview with Brian Smith about Davar [Podcast 039]

Do you like to hear a good story? Does your family tell the same stories over and over even passing some down from generation to generation?

Since the beginning of time, people have learned by hearing stories. Although many people groups formed an alphabet and a written language, to this day around 80% of the people in the world are oral preference learners. This is why it is important that we make audio recordings of God’s Word in as many languages as possible.

In today’s episode, I interview Brian Smith, chairman of the board of directors for Davar Partners International.

What you will hear on the podcast:

  • A couple of stories from mission trips that Brian and I went on together
  • The meaning of the word “Davar”
  • The importance of story telling
  • Why the work of recording audio versions of the Bible is important
  • The cost of an audio bible compared to a written bible.
  • …And much more

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A special thank you to Brian Smith for taking time to join me on this podcast episode!

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2 thoughts on “Does God Speak Your Language? An interview with Brian Smith about Davar [Podcast 039]

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. Brian Smith sounds like an interesting guy. Is he single? Can I have his phone number? 😉