Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

My wife and I had lunch last week with a friend that reached out to me about writing her story. It is a powerful one. She lost her son in a tragic car accident nearly one year ago. We met to talk about her story.


As I sat and did more listening than talking, I heard sadness, pain, and disappointment.

Sometimes I think that we are afraid to tell our story that involves these kind of emotions. We don’t like to show our weakness or failures.

However, in the midst of the pain our friend told stories of hope, encouragement, comfort, and joy. Such a paradox.

One thing she said stuck with me, “It is true that when I am at my lowest, most vulnerable place, I am the closest to God.”

So true in my life as well.

That is why when we tell our story in a way that communicates our brokenness, self-inflicted or otherwise, others can identify with us. Not only identify with us, but also with how compassionate and loving God is toward us in our affliction.

I think of Psalm 30:5 as I write that— “weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning” and this worship song:

Granted we should use discretion when sharing our story however we too often shy away or cover-up our pain or failures. Whether you write a blog, an article, a book, or share personally your story it will touch someone else. It might even help a person overcome a similar situation.

I don’t know if I will write my friend’s story, but I hope it gets told. I know she is willing to share the painful parts so that the stark contrast of joy and hope also unfolds.

What prevents you from telling your story of pain or failure?

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I am a longtime Austinite. Married my beautiful wife over 25 years ago. Adopted our son September 2012. Currently a writer and loving it. Previous jobs and careers include project management, missionary, and pastor. I enjoy sports (both watching and playing), traveling, reading, digging in dirt and hanging with my friends and family.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

  1. What keeps people from telling their story? Being preached at or being given unsolicited “helpful advice”. We need to learn how to listen, listen, listen and comfort…which is really hard for those of us who like to fix it and make it better.

    • Good point. I received an email yesterday in response to this article sharing how they have also felt rejection anytime they have shared their story of pain and failure. This creates an environment that makes it difficult to be authentic about our pain or failure.
      Your comment along with the email reminds me why many are not authentic. It’s sad because others don’t get to see how God brings healing, joy, comfort, etc.