Empowering Adoptive Families with Jen Reichert and Becky Wickes [Podcast 029]

Adoptive and foster families often complete tens of hours of required training in order to have a child placed in their family. Foster families continue required training in order to keep their license. However, once a family adopts a child, often they no longer continue training since it isn’t required.

It isn’t uncommon for adoptive families, years after the adoption is final, to experience challenges, failure, and desperation. This is where support is greatly needed. Post-adoptive families need someone to come alongside them to encourage and empower them to finish the race well. Many times it is simply someone who is trauma informed and can reminder the parents of things they learned while in training, maybe years ago.

I met with Jen Reichert, founder of Stand Up Eight, and Becky Wickes, family coach with Stand Up Eight to hear more about their non profit. Stand Up Eight is a non profit program dedicated to empowering post-adoptive families for immediate and lasting change by providing trauma-informed behavior management intervention in their homes.

In this podcast, you get to hear from both Jen and Becky as they share their passion, expertise, and compassion for helping post adoptive families.

What you will hear in the podcast:

  • How Danielle and I know Jen from our training days.
  • How both Jen and Becky are uniquely qualified for what they are doing.
  • The meaning of the name “Stand Up Eight”.
  • Exactly what Jen and Becky do to empower post-adoptive families.
  • “One of the biggest needs…that (Jen) sees is needs families have after they adopt.”
  • Why Jen chose a non profit model.
  • “It’s not normal to know how to parent a traumatized kid…it takes support.”
  • Becky goes into detail how she works with families in their home.
  • How many families Stand Up Eight can work with at any given time.
  • If a family is going to provide a home for a traumatized kid, the home needs to be a safe place for healing.
  • Stand Up Eight charges family $200 per month that includes two home visits that last for one hour, unlimited communication, and even opportunities to work with the child’s school.
  • Becky gives a great in-depth definition of what trauma informed care means.
  • Hear why Jen is sleeping “great at night”.

If you are an adoptive family who lives in the Central Texas area, and you know you need the support Stand Up Eight can provide, please contact them now.

On another important note—Stand Up Eight raises funds to help alleviate the cost for post adoptive families. Not everyone is meant to adopt. But everyone can and should respond to the call to take care of vulnerable children. I fully recommend financially supporting Stand Up Eight as they empower adoptive families.

Contact Information

Stand Up Eight website—https://standupeightatx.org

Jen’s email—jen@standupeightatx.org

Facebook page—https://www.facebook.com/standupeightatx/ (A great brief video about Stand Up Eight on their FB page)

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