Energy Management Empowering World Missions with Colby May [Podcast 030]

Colby May is the founder and president of Lit International, a company that works with local churches to leverage energy savings, energy management, and sustainable principles in order to capture savings that these local churches can then redirect into world missions.

In this podcast episode, Colby goes into depth behind why he began this company including his passion for helping raise up indigenous pastors and missionaries around the world that can and will reach their own people. As Colby says, “If you want to change the hands, you have to change the heart.”

Show Notes

In the interview with Colby you will hear:

  • A little of his background, especially what led him to attend Gordon Conwell seminary. Here is a little hint…Colby wanted to understand why people do the things they do.
  • How Colby went from energy management to missions.
  • Colby gives us a great overview of his company, Lit.
  • He shares some eye opening stats from 2013.
    • The U.S. church tithed 50 billion.
    • The church spent 10 billion on energy to run facilities.
    • Guess how much churches gave to global missions in 2013?
  • The over all goal is to redirect 10-20% of money spent on utilities to missions.
  • According to the EPA about 30% of energy used is wasted.
  • Colby talks about training churches to have a proactive vs. a reactive approach to energy management.
  • Colby gets into how his job became his ministry.
  • Lit has a non profit component that funnels financial resources to indigenous missions in places like Congo, India, China, Myanmar, and Kenya.

Who needs to listen to this podcast?

Anyone who determines how a church, school, or other organization spends it energy funds and wants to capture savings to redirect to missions.

Anyone who is interested in business as mission.

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