Find One Reason to Say Yes. An Interview with Jason Johnson. [Podcast 013]

I began following Jason Johnson’s blog a few years ago when a mutual friend told me about his site. I appreciate Jason’s practical approach to foster care and adoption. His communication style cuts straight to the heart of the matter whether you are considering becoming a foster or adoptive parent or if you already have children from a hard place in your home.

Jason Johnson

I wanted to get to know Jason a little better and give you the same opportunity.

Jason, Emily, and their four daughters

Here are a few things we cover in the podcast:

  • Jason’s family involvement with foster care and adoption including he and his wife being “grandparents” in their 30s.
  • How Jason and his wife decided to begin fostering about five years ago.
  • We talk about what Jason has done over the past few years to help many other families and churches embrace a ministry to children from a hard place.
  • Jason gives two powerful bits of encouragement for foster and adoptive parents.
  • For those who are considering foster care or adoption and are waiting for the day you are ready, Jason has a word for you too.
  • Jason shares about resources he and others have created for the purpose of helping churches and families. These can be found on his website (link below).
  • We finish the interview with a plug for a conference that Jason is speaking at on February 25 in Austin, Texas—A Future and A Hope .

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A Future and A Hope Conference—

Considering Foster Care or Adoption?

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