Follow the Stories of 4 Families Whose Children Are Stuck

I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago. But, the subject needs more attention. I watched a viewing of the documentary, “Stuck”, at the Verge13 conference. Jason Kovacs, who is the Director of Ministry Development for ABBA fund, showed the film to a room of about 20 people. More about the film in a minute.

The worldwide orphan crises is growing larger due to war, AIDS, governmental policies, natural disasters, and poverty. Conservative estimates show that there are over 10 million orphans worldwide that have lost both parents. (Unicef data).

This estimate does not include children living on the streets. Also, it does not include children who have lost only one parent, yet the child lives in institutional care such as an orphanage. Roll these numbers in and the total balloons to over 150 million orphaned and at risk children. That is half of the population of the United States.

On the other end of the spectrum are families that want to adopt foreign-born children. However, adoptions into the U.S. have dropped by over 60% since 2004 due in large part to a broken system filled with delays, bureaucracy, discrimination and staggering costs.

It can cost a family tens of thousands of dollars while trying to adopt a foreign child. In some cases, the adoption is still not granted. On average, it takes over 2 years to complete the process. This time is during the most formidable years of a young child.

Multiple studies show that a child needs to live in a nurturing, stable environment to develop properly. The most nurturing, stable environment is a family.

I understand that the statistics and the enormity of the orphan crisis might cause your brain to freeze because you simply do not know how to help. Let me help thaw your senses.

Begin with watching the Stuck documentary.

Stuck documents the journey of 4 families that are trying to get their child adopted and out of an orphanage. I use the word, “their” because the child was matched to the family. The family sees that child as their own. But, the system, both in the US and abroad, creates many delays creating more cost and heartache. The child remains stuck even though a family is desperately working to bring them into their family.

Please watch this trailer. Then read more about what you can do to advocate for international adoption.

How can you be an advocate?

  1. Watch the film when it visits your city or area. Promote the showing to your community. The Stuck Tour.
  2. Download a digital copy and show the film in your home, church or community.
  3. Sign a petition that will be presented to the U.S. President and Congress on May 16th. The last showing of the Stuck film in Washington, DC.
  4. Like the Stuck Facebook Fan Page to receive information and updates.
  5. Visit to find more ways to help.

Will you take the time to educate yourself about this crisis? Please be a part of solving this crisis. Find out what you can do.

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