Foster and Adoptive Parenting Book Launch [Podcast 004]

The Ebook Launches on November 13. Grab Your Free Copy While You Can!

In today’s podcast I share some excitement about my new ebook, Foster and Adoptive Parenting, that launches on November 13. For three days you will be able to grab a free copy! So share the love with everyone you know.



In the podcast episode I share what you will find in the book and how you will benefit from it. As well as why I wrote this book. Enjoy the podcast!

You don’t have to have a Kindle product to read this ebook! You can download a free Kindle app for your smart phone, tablet, or laptop by going here – Free Kindle App.

I know I said on the podcast episode that I would have a link to the Amazon page here, but you really want to wait until November 13, 2016 so you can get your FREE copy. That’s right. The ebook will be free for 3 DAYS beginning on November 13.

Can I ask a huge favor? After you get your copy of Foster and Adoptive Parenting, please leave an honest review.

For those who want the FREE ebook – Considering Foster Care or Adoption? Count the Cost, simply fill out the form below and you can download your copy when you confirm your email.

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Considering foster care or adoption count the cost

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