How Can We Equip and Send Missionaries Well?An Interview about Launch Global [Podcast 014]

Far too often we send missionaries into a foreign culture without adequate preparation. The result is the missionary returning home long before they had any impact. The causes include lack of financial resources, poor team dynamics, limited knowledge of how to accomplish the mission, marital issues, personal character challenges, and so on.

My friend C (I will use only his initial for security reasons) began working with Launch Global a few years ago. I met my friend C a few years ago as we served different churches here in the same city. We had similar roles of equipping people and teams to serve on the mission field either short or long term. I readily admit that C is gifted in this area. I watched as he and his wife took a group of couples through an intensive process to ready them to deploy to the field.

That experience influenced C’s decision to join Launch Global and the work they are doing of “Helping people discover God’s will, develop as a disciple-maker, and deploy for maximum impact.

Listen to today’s podcast interview to not only learn more about what Launch Global is doing, but with an open heart about what your role is in our call to share the Good News around the world.

Show Notes

In the interview we cover some of the following:

  • Why C and his wife decided to partner with Launch Global. He shares from their experience of serving in an Eastern European country as a young couple.
  • How Launch Global helps a person through the process of identifying a call to foreign missions, discipling or preparing them for the mission, and deploying to the mission field for maximum impact.
  • C talks about how Launch Global not only prepares a person or couple to serve on the field, but also how they vet teams in which the new missionary will potentially join. From experience, mission teams need both apostolic and pastoral leadership. The key is matching well missionaries to teams in the field.
  • C goes in depth about his role as an equipper. C currently serves alongside the staffs of three local churches imbedded into their church culture with the goal of raising up and training missionaries to send.
  • On a personal note, C shares a word of encouragement to my family along with other listeners that foster and adopt children. His encouragement is to keep on through the tough days because bringing an orphaned or at-risk child into your family is a perfect picture of the Gospel.

Contact information

Because of security, C has asked me to receive any interest you have to contact him directly, either to ask questions or offer pray and financial support. If you are so compelled, please contact me with the contact form below.

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