How Do I Live in the Present Yet Have a Vision for the Future?

One of the chapters in my book, Adopting the Father’s Heart, is entitled—Stay in the Moment. It is part of a section called—Lessons Learned.

Let’s just say that this is a lesson I am still learning.


by Geoff Hammond

by Geoff Hammond


Current Dilemma

I finished writing my first book; we had a great launch party; I have sold many copies; I am getting great reviews. But, all of this is stretching me way out of my comfort zone. And, the promotion and marketing of the book is much harder for me than the writing and publishing.

Real life example

This past week is a great example of what I am talking about. We spent Wednesday through Saturday at my mother-in-law’s home. I know what some of you are thinking. But, no, I love my mother-in-law, and we get along great!

However, I did not sleep well. In fact, I spent one night on the couch. I didn’t feel good most of the week either. I was irritable, impatient, and reclusive. It became obvious, I was stressed out!

What was I stressed about? Promoting my book. Talking about myself. Wondering if I should be doing more or something different.

So, what happened to all those lessons learned about staying in the moment? Here I go around the same mountain again.

I should follow my advice,

I know that I have to give up some things in order to live this way, like being concerned about what others think, regretting past decisions, being obsessed about what tomorrow holds, and holding too tightly to my personal daily agenda. It seems necessary to put some thought into what lies ahead and to plan for it, but not to the point that I cannot live fully in the present moment.

Kenneth A. Camp (2013-06-05). Adopting the Father’s Heart (Kindle Locations 1382-1385). WestBowPress. Kindle Edition.

What I am struggling with now is how to live in the present while having a vision for the future. I like to set goals, strive for success, and stretch myself.

I have to laugh otherwise I would cry. I don’t work for anyone else. I don’t have financial concerns. So, the only thing or person putting pressure on me is me. 

When I wrote that quote above, I was thinking about the possibility that our foster son might leave our family any day. Now that he is a part of our forever family, I still need to follow that advice. I don’t want or need to allow my obsession or concern over my future rob me of the joys of my life now. I want to live fully now embracing the present.

Ironically, Jeff Goins, an author and blogger, just released a book, The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big ThingI just bought the e-book and look forward to reading it.

I need to remember that whatever vision, goal, or task I am working toward, it is not worth it if it keeps me from living now. Hopefully one day soon I will learn how to live life like this.

What suggestions do you have for living in the present while maintaining a vision for the future?

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