How Do You Know Which Way to Go?

3 Ways Most Do It that Aren't Necessarily the Best

My wife knows all too well I enjoy looking at maps. I even got a job once that all I did all day was look at maps. That probably sounds boring to you, but I loved it!

When I drive somewhere new, of course I look at the map to look at different routes, what towns or cities I will drive through, on and on. Have you ever stopped at one of those big travel stores and seen a map on the wall that shows you where you are? If you are like me, not only have you seen them, but you stood there looking at it while you waited for others in your group.

Even when I am traveling by plane, train, or some other public mode, I still look at any map I can find. I have flown overseas several times. On most flights, one of the channel on the entertainment screen on the seat back in front of you is a map with an icon in the shape of a plane showing you where you are. Yep, you guessed it. I definitely check that about 100 times during the flight.

The few times my wife and I have cruised, sometimes more than once each day, I end up in the map room for the same reason.

I do like to know where I am going, and the best way to get there if I am the navigator.

Why is that? Why not just hop in the car and head in the general direction I think I am supposed to go and figure it out along the way?

Most would say that’s irresponsible to say the least. How would you ever get to where you wanted or needed to go if you didn’t know the way?

Well…that’s how most of us live life. We wing it with no real idea of how to get from point A to point B. Or, we follow a “map” that’s not the best one to follow. In other words, we many times get to the top of the ladder only to find out it was leaning on the wrong building.

  1. Wing it until you figure it out. A lot of people approach life-like this whether it’s relationships, career, money management. They have no idea how to get from point A to point B, and then they wonder how they ended up where they are.
  2. Trust your own intuition. I used to be terrible at asking for guidance. You know the classic guy who won’t ask for directions or help, because I know I can figure it out on my own. All that is is P R I D E. Doesn’t work very well.
  3. Follow others. This is definitely better than the first two. However, if we aren’t careful about who we follow, we find ourselves at the top of the ladder only to find it leaning on the wrong building.

So what do I think is the best way? It’s a simple truth, but not always easy to follow. At least it hasn’t been in my life, but here it is:

Trust in the Lord in all your ways and lean not on your own understanding. And He will make straight your paths.

Simple truth.

God not only knows the way to go, He is the map maker, route maker, destination maker, and you. He made you. So, He knows what is best for you. No need to wing it.

I definitely am not interested in leaning on my understanding when I can lean on His perspective. I see such a small portion of reality, and even that is jaded. Whereas God is set apart. He sees everything from what is in my past, what really is going on in my present, and He even sees what my future holds. And on top of all that, He knows me better than I know myself.

Yeah, I am going to follow Him. Because, He knows which way to go.

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