How Many Times on Average Does a Child in Foster Care Move?

You may be a person that has moved a lot. But I am guessing whether that was as a child or as an adult, you moved with your family. Or if you are a single adult, you still have a family you call your own even if you don’t live with them. But for children in foster care, it means not only moving from one place to another, but also from one family to another.


And, I bet you had a say in the move. At least you probably knew about it in advance. A foster child? Not so much. Not only do they rarely have a say in a move to another family, but it might be a very sudden decision.

So how many times on average does a foster child move? Ready for it?

Seven times.

Why does this happen?

“Many foster families are not supported enough or well-equipped to care for these children, so foster children are moved often.”

Notice that the emphasis is on the family and inability to care for the children, not the behavior of the child.

Please watch this short video to understand what this means to a child in foster care.

I know. It’s easy for the numbers to overwhelm us. 1400 in the greater Austin area. 17,000 in Texas. 400,000 nationwide.

But move seven times. Seven new homes. Seven new schools. Seven new communities. Seven new sets of friends.

Now that is overwhelming.

The number 1 is not so overwhelming. 1 person. 1 family. 1 action.

Maybe I misread God’s word, but to me it seems to be a non-negotiable. He expects us to care for children who don’t have a family. We either provide a home for them or we help those families who do provide a home.

You won’t be alone.

As the video states, many churches in the Austin area are working together to provide support and equipping for a family who is willing to bring a child into their home.

So take comfort if you are a family considering foster care or adoption. You are and will not be alone.

And, if you are a person or family who is willing to support those families who do foster or adopt, you too can get support and information on how to best help.

Visit to get more information. The site is still in progress so check back often for updated information.

If you are not in the Austin area, but want information for your location, contact me. I probably can help you find the information you want. Even if you are in the Austin area and want more information, contact me.

So what role will you play in a child’s life so that she won’t have to move again?

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