How Our Attachment Style Impacts Our Parenting [Podcast Episode 005]

An Interview with Marshall Lyles

In this interview Marshall Lyles and I talk about how the attachment style of a parent impacts a child. This episode is imbedded in the chapter—”Pay Attention to What You Bring” in my book, Foster and Adoptive Parenting: Authentic Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage Parenting with Connection.


Often we as parents get so wrapped up in the challenges that our kids face that we completely neglect what our challenges are.

In this episode you will discover:

  • Why it’s important to pay attention to your attachment style.
  • What happens when you bring a wounded child into your family.
  • What compassionate curiosity looks like.

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One thought on “How Our Attachment Style Impacts Our Parenting [Podcast Episode 005]

  1. Great quotes from the guest: “As far as what success can look like, I have to be really careful not to try to judge parenting success on the behavior of my kids…. be connected to their heart… In order to assure success, I have to make sure I’m defining success well… important to have a longterm filter…”