How to Live Life as Mission

Whether you visit my blog regularly or only occasionally, you might wonder what I blog about. My tagline says missional lifestyle. But what does that really mean?

Missional lifestyle— a life lived with intentionality; with a purpose.

A missional lifestyle doesn’t happen without intentionality. We tend to seek a comfortable, self-consumed life. Without intentionality we spend our time with people only like ourselves, in places we find the most convenient and the least stressful. We naturally gravitate to our “comfort zone”.

Many cringe when they think about “living on mission”. It sounds like adding something with an uncomfortable hidden agenda to their already busy life.

Instead, a missional lifestyle is simply one lived with an intentional focus on others with the desire they meet and know Jesus Christ. No need to add more to your schedule. Just refocus the intention of your schedule.

Caesar Kalinowski from Soma Communities puts it like this,

We need to move from a mindset of additional to intentional. What if God has actually given us this amazing way of seeing life that would make all of life one big, huge opportunity for discipleship and mission? Like everything we’re already doing, what if it’s already an opportunity, perfectly for discipleship and mission? He has. It’s the rhythm of life that he’s placed us in.

Here is a two drawings comparing the two mindsets:


From Verge Netowrk


Notice the difference of life and mission and life as mission. Life as mission is living life in your natural rhythm with intentionality.

That’s what I blog about. The intentional approach to living life as a mission.

But the question remains how exactly do we do that?

Fall in love with Jesus.

Learn how you fit into His love story for you. Infuse worship into your daily life instead of only when you go to a church gathering. As you join this sacred dance, his heart will become your heart. And He has a missional heart.

Become a good listener.

Great way to learn this is to spend time caring for orphans, widows, homeless and poor. They are lonely and hurting. Learn where they fit in God’s love story..

Live in community.

We don’t know how to do this very well anymore in our culture. We rush from one activity to another living life with mere acquaintances. Cut back, slow down, live life with people so they become your friends. Get to know their story. God will reveal they fit in His story.

Bless others.

When you go for a walk, pray for your neighbors. When you have a meal, invite others to eat with you. Live below your financial needs so that you have money to meet needs others might have. Find out how God might want to use you in someone else’s story.

Rejoice with those who rejoice.

And mourn with those who mourn. Meet people right where they are at. When we do this, we become a part of their story.

Do you see the common thread?

Look around you. Where do you live? Where do your kids go to school? Where do you work? Who do you pass every day?

How can you intentionally refocus that place you already live life and find out how His story, your story, and their story intersect?


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