How True Christianity Does Not Judge

For God did not send His Son into to the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. John 3:17

This is a follow-up to my blog last week—Why We Would Have Never Found God—answering more of the question, “Who sends us?”

I know that the last part of that verse offends many. They respond, “I do not need to be saved. I don’t even know what I need to be saved from!”

I understand that. If we do need saving from something, in the spiritual sense, truly only God can reveal that to us.

However, most that have a bad taste in their mouth about Christianity appreciate the first part of that verse. No one I know wants judgement.

The fact that Jesus Christ did not come to judge might surprise you. I understand that too. Why? Because so many Christians act as if they were sent to judge you.

Jesus understands that He does not need to judge or condemn you. He knows who He is. You know how refreshing it is to hang out with someone who is completely comfortable in their own skin? They don’t belittle you, compete with you, or…judge you.

The kicker here is that if Jesus really is who He says He is and you reject Him, you condemn yourself. If He is not who He says He is, then no worries, right?

So if Jesus did not come to this world to judge or condemn it, then why did He come?

He came to this world so we might know who God is. How did He do this? He hung out with us—mankind. He ate with us. He worked with us. He played with us. He lived life with us.

Think about how incredible that is. Emmanuel – God is with us.

I write about this in my book, Adopting the Father’s Heart, in this way—I compare how I entered my two-year old’s world to how God entered our world:

“I was 51, almost six feet tall, close to 200 pounds; college-educated, financially stable, and had traveled to many places around the world. In comparison to my son, I was far beyond his comprehension, strength, knowledge, and even awareness. Yet there I was spending time with him, focused on him, when I could have been doing a million other more important things. I was totally content to be with him. Even though God is omnipresent and omniscient…His desire to just be with us is much the same.”

My neighbor recently paid my wife and me a great compliment. He told Danielle that what made us different is that we don’t judge them. You know, he is right. I don’t judge him. In fact, I really care about him and his family.

I do believe that Jesus Christ loves them more than I, and He is the answer to their life questions.

What is the best way for my neighbor to know Jesus Christ? By me hanging out with him, eating together, working together, playing together, living life together. Sound familiar?

What turns you off about Christianity?

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