How You Can Get the Attention of God

This is a promise or maybe a revelation of who God is, and what He notices. If you believe that God exists, I bet you want not only His attention, but His reply, His favor, His providence and protection.

We try all kinds of things to get God’s attention. We follow a list of religious rules and rituals. We study. We attend services. We tithe. We pray. We even make sacrifices like fasting.

But, what really commands the attention of God?

You probably know this already—it’s a matter of the heart. The real question here is who do we seek to please with these actions? God or ourselves?

We go through these actions then don’t understand and complain when God doesn’t respond to our cries or requests. “Why doesn’t God notice my sacrifice? Why is He not impressed with my ritual and tithe?”

His reply? Because we really do these things to impress ourselves or others.

Do you want to get God’s attention? Here is what He says to do:

  • Remove the chains that bind people and the heavy yoke of oppression. People all around us are bound and weighed down by oppression. Some are mistreated because of prejudice, others by greed, and some by simple evil. Do you take action when you notice the oppressed? Do you free them? Do you lessen their heavy load?
  • Share your food with the hungry and give clothes to those who need them. Do you have compassion toward those who are in need? Or, do you think that they lack because of their own poor choices, laziness, or misfortune, therefore it’s their problem not yours? Here is the kicker…God brings attention to how you respond to the needs of your own flesh and blood. Do you take care of them or hide from them?
  • Take away any hint of scornful, false, harsh or unjust words. We spend time trying to please God then turnaround and quarrel among ourselves. We mistreat each other. We spread hurtful gossip. I am talking about how Christians treat each other.
  • Set aside time for God. God set up the Sabbath to not only to give us rest, but as a time to honor Him. When we go about seeking our own pleasure and gain without consistently setting time aside solely devoted to Him, it reveals the true desires of our heart.

How can you know that you have God’s attention?

  • His favor will be upon you. I am not advocating a prosperity gospel. However, when God’s favor is upon you, you are restored, you have power to overcome, you experience peace, and His glory protects you.
  • He will answer when you cry out to Him. 
  • He will take away your sadness.
  • He will guide you through difficult times.
  • He will restore things in your life that were broken.
  • He will give you a good reputation.

When I talk about living a sent life, I can’t think of a better reason than this: It is what matters to God. 

(if you wonder how I know these things to be true, it’s because He said it. Isaiah 58)

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