How Your Focus Affects Your Lifestyle

Perspective, paradigm, worldview—it doesn’t matter what you call it, we all have one. And, it affects the way we live life.



My wish is to live a life with a “kingdom focus or mentality.” How does a kingdom mentality affect the way you live? I should first define what I mean by the term “kingdom mentality.”

A person with a kingdom mentality recognizes that they are a citizen of another kingdom—an eternal kingdom. If what Christianity teaches is true, then this life we live on earth is a precursor or beginning to our eternal life with God.

I know that I lost some of you right there. Your worldview might sound more like this popular one—”eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

If that is your perspective, your approach to life is a lot different from one who believes that there is an afterlife with an eternal God.

Sadly, I see many professing Christians live life with the eat, drink, and be merry approach. I am not saying that we don’t enjoy life. I believe God created this place for us to enjoy. Nor, do I always live my life with a kingdom mentality or perspective. But this perspective influences the overall trajectory of my life.

Here are a few ways that a Kingdom Focused Mentality affects your lifestyle:

How money is spent or invested

I think it is wise to save money and make investments. I invest with a purpose of not only preparing for our later years, but also with our child in mind. I want to follow a proverb that states it is wise to provide for my children’s children. Even though if is an earthly investment, it has an eternal or kingdom aspect to it.

Also, if you enjoy things in this life as I mentioned above, it will cost money. We enjoy traveling and seeing the world.

However, here is how someone with a kingdom focused mentality handles their money:

  • Stays out of debt. Usually debt is a result of short-term thinking. Either you are buying impulsively, did not plan well for emergencies, or both.
  • Develops a strong savings account. Plan for emergencies. But also have money available to use as God prompts you. You might meet someone who has a need you can help. Or, you might want to give to a mission project or non-profit organization.
  • Understands Kingdom investment. Any investor wants a return on their investment. I believe the best investment is an investment in a Kingdom project. Think about it. If God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, then if I invest in things that are of God, is He not the one giving me my return on my investment? I believe so.

How time is spent

In societies that afford its citizens discretionary time, self-indulgence becomes the norm. Whether it’s an endless pursuit of pleasure and entertainment, or the ultimate state of comfort, we seek to satisfy our own desires.

However, if we live this life as if it is only a short time relative to our entire existence, and we understand that there is a purpose to what we do with this life, we choose to recreate and rest not as a way of life but to restore and refresh us so we can invest our time into others.

A kingdom mentality creates an others-focused life.


That is why it affects our relationships. Have you ever heard this statement, “I don’t need any more friends. I have all that I need.”

If you live for yourself, that makes sense. Developing relationships is work. If you already have a circle of trusted friends, why take the risk to make more friends? It is sad when I see this mindset in the church, which is true much too often.

When we focus on His Kingdom, God motivates us to befriend others realizing that He might be calling them to Himself.

Lord, I want Your perspective on life.

What other ways does a Kingdom Focused Mentality affect our lifestyle?


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4 thoughts on “How Your Focus Affects Your Lifestyle

  1. Kenny, I agree that what is missing is a “Kingdom mentality.” I see the Christian community primarily engaging with the Christian community. There is a lack of desire to build more relationships outside of this community. A Kingdom mindset is focused on building new relationships with those far from God, or building up and training other believers to make disciples. If the church does not make having a Kingdom mindset a priority, we fail God and the mission He created us for.

  2. Kenny you are doing a great job! A Kingdom Focused Mentality also affects our attitude! A positive attitude is a rare and precious treasure that each of us can choose to use or lose. Optimism is contagious so as Christians we have the awesome responsibility to spread it around.