Identity, Purpose, and Belonging with Joe Elliott Founder of Catalyst Collective [Podcast 33]

Joe Elliott knew that he needed to do something different if he were to reach young adults. During a brain-storming session with several other youth pastors, many great ideas rose to the surface. But they all knew that if they began doing much of what they put down on paper, they all would get fired.

But Joe was in the right place at the right time to begin applying some of the ideas. Out of that the Catalyst Collective was born.

Joe is married, the father of three children, a dreamer, motivator, connector, and speaker. I look forward to you hearing from him.

Here is the interview on His Hands His Feet:

Show Notes

  • Joe’s varied church background
  • How the idea for Catalyst Teen Center came from a Pastors Prayer Retreat
  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • Understanding the need and meeting that need
  • Young people, well all people, have 3 fundamental needs—Identity, Purpose, and Belonging
  • In Austin area, 90% of teens and young adults no longer attend church
  • How this changed Joe’s approach to ministry
  • Northwest Fellowship (I promised to share a picture of the church…I personally love this church!)
  • What is turning the younger generations away?
  • Learn how to position yourself to disciple
  • Discipleship through the lens of personal, professional, and spiritual growth
  • Becoming the go-to source for all things growth oriented
  • Learning how to make ministry sustainable without relying 90% on donations
  • Expanding beyond the walls
  • The Effie Center
  • Existing as a bridge between a changing culture and a relevant church
  • Purpose Project: Bring Your Unique Purpose To Life will help anyone identify your passion and purpose

And so much more!

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