It Is Easier To Serve God Without A Call

Do you think God calls us to His work? Do you think He has a specific vision for your life? Do you give that thought any consideration or would you rather He just leave you alone?


If you do want to serve God wouldn’t it be easier to serve Him on your terms?

It is easier to Serve God Without a Call or Vision.

Here is what that would look like:

  • We decide what kind of time and effort we give to God’s work.
  • We choose what we do for God.
  • We use our judgement to guide us to where we should go and how we can be the most useful.

What is wrong with that you ask? Or maybe that just convicted you, because you, like me, recognize that is how we far too often approach our service to God.

I read that statement, “It’s easier to serve God without a call or vision”, in a devotional by Oswald Chambers recently. If our reason to serve God is out of obligation or a need to feel good about ourselves, then it’s definitely not because of God called us to that work. And, when this is the case, we “are not bothered by what He requires.

Chambers states that we use our own common sense to decide how to serve God. When we do that…

  • We will consider the time I decide to give God and my own ideas of service as dear to Him.
  • We will consider our lives as our own.
  • Our service, when based on our common sense, might just compete against our total surrender to Him.
  • We use our own judgment, instead of Jesus Christ, to be our guide as to where we should go and where we could be used the most.

**These thoughts come from Oswald Chambers

This challenges me. When I think about mission and serving God, I usually do rely on my common sense. What talents and gifts do I have? What do I enjoy doing? Where do I want my family to live?

I do think we have it backwards. We think our life is ours to give to Him. I believe He thinks that our lives our His to do as He wills. No wonder so few of us fully surrender to Him even though He promises us abundant life when we do.

Forgive me Lord for living life as though what I offer You as my act of service is dear and precious to You. Help me to surrender my all to You for you to use as You will.

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