Keeping Momentum

Several months ago when I was still writing my first draft, I resolved to spend time each day writing.  I blogged previously that some days the words poured out freely and quickly.  Other days were much more laborious.  The objective, especially on the slow days, was to not get discouraged and allow myself to have days of no writing.

Now that I am in the phase of writing my final draft, I spend some days just reading what I have already written.  If I like what I am reading, I read several pages making only minor edits.

However, on the days where I do not particularly like what I have written, or I do not like the flow, it can feel like I am trying to walk through sludge.  I have to take the same approach and keep working each day on the book.

Then there are days like some that I have had over the past two weeks.  Other important activities put a squeeze on my time to work on the book.

I am on the board of a local non profit, Partners in Hope Lake Travis.  You can learn more about the non profit at  We had our 2nd annual fundraiser this past Sunday night, so I had a few tasks that needed to be taken care of before and after the fundraiser.

Our family also took a two day trip to Houston to meet with our lawyer to update our will.  We are officially adding our adopted son as a beneficiary to our will!  He has no idea how his inheritance has changed.  I write about this in the book by the way.

Those two important events cut into my time to work on the book.  But, I have to not allow it to slow down my momentum.  So, I am making sure that I am back at it today for a few hours.  Hopefully, I will be able to jump right back into where I left off a couple of days ago.

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