Matt & Julie Kouri — Lessons Learned from Their Adoption Journey [Podcast 023]

In today’s episode, I interview Matt and Julie Kouri about their adoption journey. They have three children that came to their family through adoption. Below you can see in the show notes some of what we discuss.

Kouri Family



Show Notes

Here is an idea of what you will hear on the podcast interview:

  • We learn about the make up of the Kouri family…two sons from Russia, and a daughter from Ethiopia.
  • Julie and Matt share what is like to not only have children from adoption but also different cultures.
  • All families considering adoption have expectations and motivations. We talk about what kind the Kouris had when they began their journey, and we talk about how these need to change over time.
  • Both Matt and Julie do much in their community mentoring, supporting, and training other families and advocating for children. We talk about their passion and what compels them.
  • I ask Matt and Julie what they want to share with families who are in the trenches…you don’t want to miss their answer.

I mention that Matt and Julie head up two non-profits in the Austin area. Here are the links to both:

Matt Kouri, Executive Director at Mission Capital —

Julie Kouri, Executive Director at Fostering Hope Austin —

Enjoy the interview!

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