Mike McComb Interview: Missionary from Guatemala [Podcast 024]

Mike and Terri live in the mountains of Guatemala where they have raised all their children. As Mike says in the interview, he has lived longer in Guatemala than he lived in the U.S. I enjoy hearing stories like their’s. I am sure you will too.

Mike (far right) and his family

See below for some of the nuggets from the interview.

Show Notes

  • I love the different ways God called Mike and Terri to Guatemala…I think you will too.
  • As you can imagine that over 27 years, Mike and Terri have done many different things in Guatemala. Mike shares the progression of their work.
  • Mike gives a small glimpse into how the civil war in Guatemala impacted God’s work there. Did you even know that Guatemala had a long civil war?
  • What do you think opened the door for Mike and Terri to really begin ministering to those they lived with? How long do you think it took?
  • Hear how the biblical training and mentoring has grown far beyond Guatemala.
  • Find out what Mike sees God doing all throughout Latin America.
  • I asked Mike if he had a word for the American church. Want to hear his answer?

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Email – nebajfamily@yahoo.com

Mike’s Facebook

Terri’s Facebook

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