Our Biggest Need as Foster to Adopt Parents

When we decided to foster children and possibly adopt a few years ago, we received different responses. Most responded with excitement. Others responded with caution.


Four years later after foster classes, anticipation of foster placements, ups and downs of fostering, and the joy of adopting, we still have a big need as foster to adopt parents.

We need support and community.

Too often foster and adoptive families feel isolated and alone in their journey. Any parent of young children understands that feeling. Just compound that feeling multiple times when it comes to parenting a child from a hard place.

Foster and adoptive parents need to interact with others doing the same thing.

Support groups, continued training, conferences all help meet this need.

Foster and adoptive parents need others to form a team around them.

I have stated many times that orphan care is not only for those who provide foster homes or those who adopt. God calls all of us to care for these children. Each family who fosters or adopts needs a support team wrapped around them who understand the challenges of parenting an at-risk child.

A great opportunity is coming up February 14-15, 2014 in Austin, TX.

A Future and A Hope conference is for:

  • People who want to support the foster care and adoption community but aren’t ready to foster or adopt themselves.
  • Couples and singles who are exploring foster care and adoption.
  • Post-adoptive families who want who want to learn and connect with other families.
  • Professionals—Friday, February 14 is for you!

Here is a video of the guest speaker:

 Please share this with someone you know who lives close enough to Austin to attend!

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