Our Son’s Struggle to Attach [Podcast 012]

Attachment between a child and his or her parents is powerful. How healthy that attachment is will determine how healthy all other relationships are and will be.

Usually when a child comes into a family from foster care or through adoption, they aren’t able to attach easily. This is true regardless of their age.

In today’s podcast episode, Danielle and I openly share about not only how it was hard for our son to attach to Danielle, but also how Danielle felt about the struggle.

Here are a few of the things we touch on…

  • What we call the “Trauma Dance”
  • Two stories that illustrate the struggle of attaching…
    • Running past Danielle to me when our son got hurt
    • Our son asking other families if he could go home with them
  • The challenge of parenting a child who isn’t attached to you
  • Why our son would ask me, “Are you my Daddy?”
  • A reminder of how our own attachment style impacts our parenting
  • Ways Danielle intentionally worked on building a healthy attachment with our son
    • intentional play time with lots of eye contact
    • words of affirmation
    • intercession
    • recapturing lost moments of attachment that usually happens the first year of life
  • Danielle wraps up the conversation with a heartfelt word of encouragement for other foster and adoptive mothers

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