Sacred Space—An Interview with Author Dr. John D. Duncan (Video)

John Duncan and I attended Howard Payne University together in the early 80s, and we recently reconnected. I have enjoyed getting reacquainted  with John over the past year. I am reminded and impressed by John’s discipline, wide range of interests, and his pastor’s heart.



John has pastored churches in Texas for over 30 years, obtained a doctorate from Cambridge, and occasionally teaches. He successfully combines his knowledge, personal experiences and interests in his writing.

John gave me a copy of his book Sacred Space: The Art of Sacred Silence, Sacred Speech, and The Sacred Ear in the Echo of the Still Small Voice of God last November.

The timing was perfect for our family. My wife and I often talk about a need to slow our lives down and create, as John calls it, sacred space.

After reading the book, we both have been able to apply some of the principles John shares.

I asked John for this video interview. I appreciate that he agreed even though this is my first attempt at recording a Skype interview. So, I hope you will overlook the amateur quality and enjoy my conversation with John!

I ask John these questions in our interview:

  • How do you define Sacred Space?
  • Why do you think Sacred Space is important?
  • What does Sacred Space look like for you?
  • How would you describe your writing style?

If you watch the video, you will get a good sense of John’s take on our need for Sacred Space and how to make it happen.

If you want to contact John, you can reach him at his email –

His book is available at Austin Brothers Publishing either in softcover or ebook version. John’s book is also available on Amazon.



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