In the Fullness of Time: How Adoption Reflects the Gospel [Podcast 20]

In this episode I expound on a blog post—3 Takeaways from the Future and A Hope Conference. I focus on the first takeaway…God sees brokenness and leans into it.

Here are a few things that you will hear…

Two insights:

  1. Adoption reflects God’s redemption story.
  2. God ordains adoption at just the exact time He intends it to happen.

Two conclusions:

  1. Adoption is a covenant relationship.
  2. It is important to be sensitive to God’s timing.

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3 Takeaways from the 2017 Future and A Hope Conference

I attended the Future and A Hope conference last Saturday in Austin, Texas. This is a conference that brings together those who advocate for vulnerable and at-risk children. Some who attend are just beginning to explore and discern what their role is.

Other families who attend are in the midst of parenting children that they foster or have adopted either through foster care, private domestic agencies, or international agencies.

One thing I noticed this year (this isn’t one of my takeaways) is that many attendees have at least a basic understanding what trauma informed care is. That speaks to the work of many in this field. Families, counselors, caseworkers, and others are now speaking the same language more than ever. This is a good thing.

Ready for some takeaways?

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Find One Reason to Say Yes. An Interview with Jason Johnson. [Podcast 013]

I began following Jason Johnson’s blog a few years ago when a mutual friend told me about his site. I appreciate Jason’s practical approach to foster care and adoption. His communication style cuts straight to the heart of the matter whether you are considering becoming a foster or adoptive parent or if you already have children from a hard place in your home.

Jason Johnson

I wanted to get to know Jason a little better and give you the same opportunity.

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Considering Foster Care or Adoption?

If you are anywhere near Austin, Texas, you should consider attending this conference—A Future and A Hope. You will find answers, inspiration, and encouragement whether you are in the beginning stages, want to help families who do foster and adopt, or are in the midst of fostering or have adopted.

This year the guest speaker is Dr. Karyn Purvis and her team from the Institute of Child Development at TCU. If you are not familiar with Dr. Purvis and her research, I recommend getting her book, The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family.

Dr. Purvis draws from years of clinical and personal experience recommending an approach to working or parenting children “from a hard place” by empowering, connecting, and correcting.

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A Future and A Hope Conference Takeaways

Matt and Julie Kouri have led an annual foster care and adoption conference in the Austin area for eight years. Matt and Julie have three internationally adopted children, lead an active adoption ministry at Grace Covenant Church, and are leaders in the Austin area for orphan care.


Over 400 attended the conference on February 15 at Austin Ridge Church. (Great job Austin Ridge staff and volunteers!)

This was my first year to attend this conference. We are relatively new to the orphan care scene. If you have read my book, Adopting the Father’s Heart, you know that four years ago we were set on returning overseas as long-term missionaries when God changed our course, at least for a time.

Over the past four years, we became licensed as foster parents and fostered a child for 15 months before adopting him in September 2012.

Since then we have become more involved in the orphan care world both here in Austin and across the region.

We were honored to help with the planning of this year’s A Future and A Hope conference. Our motive was two-fold: We wanted to help with the conference because of its focus on people looking for information about foster care and adoption. We also wanted to learn. This year the conference had a new track for post-adoption that we sat in on.

Even though we were helping out a lot at the conference, I was able to glean some takeaways and observations from the conference and it’s attendees.

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Our Biggest Need as Foster to Adopt Parents

When we decided to foster children and possibly adopt a few years ago, we received different responses. Most responded with excitement. Others responded with caution.


Four years later after foster classes, anticipation of foster placements, ups and downs of fostering, and the joy of adopting, we still have a big need as foster to adopt parents.

We need support and community.

Too often foster and adoptive families feel isolated and alone in their journey. Any parent of young children understands that feeling. Just compound that feeling multiple times when it comes to parenting a child from a hard place.

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