What Really Keeps You from Writing that Book?

I have mentioned before that since becoming a writer (did I just call myself a writer?) several people have commented on how they have always wanted to write a book. “I have a story to tell!” “I really think what I have been through can help others.” “I have half of a manuscript written!”

Usually the next thing that they say is something about how they will never write it or they don’t have the time, or they don’t know how to get started.

I understand. It is hard. It does take time. It is challenging to know how to begin.

But isn’t anything that is worth doing hard, takes time and challenging? Of course it is!

Will anyone want to read what I write?

Some will. Some won’t. And that’s ok!

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My 500 Word Per Day Challenge Update

I began 2014 needing some direction. I knew I wanted to continue writing. But what should I write? What book should I write next? Should I tweak my blog topics?

Then a challenge from Jeff Goins—write 500 words day. Jeff’s challenge was originally for January. But I joined many others who decided to continue the challenge past January.

The challenge sounded easy enough. It really was what I needed to get moving on with my writing goals. So how have I been doing? Overall pretty good I think. Some days very good. Other days not so much.

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Who Else Wants to Write in 2014?

I am taking a 31-day challenge this month. A writer/blogger that I follow (Jeff Goins) challenged us to write 500 words each day for 31 days. Exactly the challenge I need to begin 2014.

I began 2013 knowing hardly anything about blogging or writing. I finished the year having written over 120 blog posts and a published book. Yeah, I am a little bit proud of that accomplishment.

But, I recognize that I have a ton to learn when it comes to writing. A common question I get from experienced writers and bloggers is, “who is your audience?”

I decided early on that my blog would consist of topics related to missional lifestyle. I threw in the occasional blog post about my personal life or writing, but most were about what I think missional lifestyle is about.

Nothing wrong with a “random thoughts about life” blog. In fact, these can be fun to read. But, I want to find an audience or tribe that is passionate about the things that matter most to me.

That includes topics like orphan care, international missions and missional living.

At the end of 2013, I decided to add three more categories or topics that I think are important to missional living:

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How to Stay Productive While You Wait

My good friend Matt Peacock is waiting. He is waiting for what is next for him and his family. Most Christians refer to this as “waiting on God.”



The connotation for the term waiting is a picture of doing nothing until you know what to do next. Waiting on God can sound like a passive thing.

Hardly the case.

I recently read a good book by Jeff Goins, The In Between—Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. Here is a quote from Goins book that hits the bullseye:

[su_quote cite=”Jeff Goins, The In Between”]…God is less concerned with exactly what I’m doing and more concerned with who I’m becoming.[/su_quote]

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How I Decide What to Write in a Blog

Writer’s block can face anyone who writes. Over this year of blogging, I developed a process (thanks to people like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, and the staff at Copyblogger) that helps me.



When I began blogging, I often struggled with what to write. I still do sometimes. I remind myself that one of the reasons that I am blogging is to learn how to write. Yep, I write to write.

Some people who I read seem to have a natural ability. Stories fall out of them like water from a fountain. Not me. Maybe occasionally but not often.

I need a process to help me along the way. Here is what I do now:

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How Do I Live in the Present Yet Have a Vision for the Future?

One of the chapters in my book, Adopting the Father’s Heart, is entitled—Stay in the Moment. It is part of a section called—Lessons Learned.

Let’s just say that this is a lesson I am still learning.


by Geoff Hammond

by Geoff Hammond


Current Dilemma

I finished writing my first book; we had a great launch party; I have sold many copies; I am getting great reviews. But, all of this is stretching me way out of my comfort zone. And, the promotion and marketing of the book is much harder for me than the writing and publishing.

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