How Can We Equip and Send Missionaries Well?An Interview about Launch Global [Podcast 014]

Far too often we send missionaries into a foreign culture without adequate preparation. The result is the missionary returning home long before they had any impact. The causes include lack of financial resources, poor team dynamics, limited knowledge of how to accomplish the mission, marital issues, personal character challenges, and so on.

My friend C (I will use only his initial for security reasons) began working with Launch Global a few years ago. I met my friend C a few years ago as we served different churches here in the same city. We had similar roles of equipping people and teams to serve on the mission field either short or long term. I readily admit that C is gifted in this area. I watched as he and his wife took a group of couples through an intensive process to ready them to deploy to the field.

That experience influenced C’s decision to join Launch Global and the work they are doing of “Helping people discover God’s will, develop as a disciple-maker, and deploy for maximum impact.

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How to Praise God While on the Battlefield

Guest Post by Josh Armstrong

Josh and his wife, Jen, live in North Texas. They have a heart for children who need a family and hope one day to live in a foreign country as missionaries. They strongly believe that ALL Christians are “missionaries” and are called to minister with their lives somewhere, even if just to the community in your own backyard. Josh is a podcaster/blogger at

A missionary friend in South America recently shared the following:

The road that is banked by both joy and sorrow, hope and vulnerability, peace and frustration is the road I think many a missionary must travel. There are “wins’ that triumph the losses, and yet still losses that covet our focus. May our eyes be ever set on Christ, the redeemer of the losses and the confident hope in the midst of our battles.Seth Powell

It’s true. The journey we all face can seem like a battle.

This is a great reminder that we are all missionaries.

When looking at life and the struggles we face, let me share with you truths about the struggles that we all face … They amplify! In fact, as Christians, they amplify things in 3 ways:

  1. How inadequate we are.
  2. How much a big deal our problems seem, and when we finally come around to it…
  3. How big our God is.

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15 Ways You Can Pray for Any Missionary

Every missionary I talk to says that consistent, persistent prayer is the most important thing they need. We might not have the means to go or feel called to go; we might not have the resources to support much financially; but we all have the ability to be powerful intercessors for those who do go.

Right now some of my missionary friends face challenges and needs such as these—the loss of a son; discouragement; weariness; separation from family for a few weeks; more financial support, etc.

I know you pray or want to pray for those we have sent to the mission field especially when you are reminded. In case you aren’t sure how to pray for them, here is a helpful list.

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Is Our Arrogance Killing Our Passion for Missions?

I sat and listened to a friend who has served in East Asia for seven years talk about how they are sharing the Good News and discipling new believers. I found joy in hearing the things God is doing through their work. It stirred up feelings of pride. Pride. Now that’s an interesting emotion in response to what he was sharing.

My missionary friend was giving a report of his work to a team of pastors and lay leaders. The more I listened, I sensed an air of…hmm how should I put it? Arrogance? I can’t speak for my friends in the room, so I have to confess my own attitude.

I have been in these kind of meetings before. Representatives of the American church asking a missionary who has been serving faithfully, sacrificially, on the field for an account of the work they are doing. Nothing wrong with that.

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An Interview with a Missionary—Mark and Laura Heffner serving in Taiwan

I met Mark Heffner in 2006 during Chinese New Year. We both were on a short-term trip to Pattaya, Thailand handing out Chinese Bibles to Chinese tourists visiting on holiday by the thousands. That trip influenced me more than any other short-term mission trip I have gone on before or since. First time in Thailand. First time to witness hundreds of Chinese running, grabbing, begging for copies of a Bible in their language. Beyond impactful.

And there was Mark standing right in the middle of the mass of humanity calling out to the tourists in his fluent Chinese. Engaging. Laughing. Connecting. Beyond impressed.

I hope you take a few minutes to watch or listen to this interview with Mark and his wife, Laura. They have served in Taiwan for many years, raising their children there. Enjoy!


If you want to follow and/or support Mark and Laura Heffner, contact them in the following manner:

To get updates or information about sending a team:

Facebook –

Email –

To support the Heffners: 

P.O. Box 219228
Houston, Texas 77218-9228
1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729)
Office: 281-599-7411
Fax: 281-599-7511

6 Questions for a Missionary

I am excited to introduce you to many missionary friends from around the world. Some live right here in the U.S. with an international focus, others are in countries that are receptive to their work, and still others are in locations hostile to the gospel. I plan to share with you a recorded video interview with a missionary each month.

Danielle with Nella, director of Tamar Cener

Danielle with Nella, director of Tamar Cener

In my work as a volunteer on the foreign mission field and as an advocate and support person here at home, I have noticed one common theme.

The Western church tends to forget over time about its missionaries it has sent around the world.

Maybe that is too harsh. It’s really human nature. When someone isn’t a part of our daily lives, we don’t think about them as often. But we can’t use that as an excuse for not supporting, staying in touch, and most of all fervently praying for our brothers and sisters serving around the world.

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Three Priorities I Have for the Next Place We Live

Danielle and I have discussed moving off and on for the past few years. After Danielle’s trip to Thailand last summer, we decided that we were staying in the states at least for a few years. That decision ramped up the “should we move” discussion.

Photo Credit: JMS2 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: JMS2 via Compfight cc

Understand, we like where we live now. We have owned this house for over 15 years. It is comfortable for our family of three. We don’t “need” anything more.

However, you might wonder how buying a new home fits in with my minimalist lifestyle philosophy like I talk about in the post—The Minimalist Guide to a Missional Lifestyle.

I think you will understand after I explain some of my priorities. I call them priorities, but I guess I could call these motivations.

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One Man Takes His Life; Another Gives His

I know suicide is a delicate topic. I have friends who have lost family members to suicide. I have battled my own demons of emotional health and addiction, so I would never dehumanize a person who ends up taking his own life. Instead I feel great pain and sorrow for them, their family, and how the enemy wrecks havoc on our souls.

Two stories have been in the news a lot these week—Robin Williams’ suicide and the Spanish missionary who died from Ebola. Both stories leave many asking why.

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What Is Your View of God?

Is God someone who wound up this place called Earth, let it go, and now has nothing or very little to do with it? Is He a Father Time kind of figure? Is He an angry god? A loving Father? Does He exist at all?

Depending on who you talk to, no doubt you will get any of these views and more. The conversation might even become a little emotional and personal. So much so, some will not want to talk about it at all.

Have you ever thought of God as a missionary?

What does that mean you ask? Missionary, as someone who is sent from their own context or land into the context or land of another person.

When did God do that?

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