5 Ways We Can Go to the Nations without Leaving Our Community

Do We Really Have an Excuse for Not Taking the Gospel to the Nations?

Often we use excuses for not going to the nations as God’s Word commands us to do. The usual excuses are “not enough money” or “not enough time” or “my kids are too young/too old”.

Those excuses may have worked a generation or two ago here in America, but not any longer. Especially in urban communities where thousands of people from all over the world live, work, and go to school.

Simply, the world is becoming a smaller place.

Just at the University of Texas in Austin about 127 countries are represented. According to VisitHoustonTexas.com over 90 languages are spoken in the Houston area.

I am sure that these numbers reflect the community you live in as well. The question bow do you engage these people groups right at your doorstep?

Here are 5 ways we can go to the nations without leaving our community. I hope that you can add more ways or additional information about these 5:

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Is the American Dream Killing Our Passion for Missions?

5 Ways We Can Create Wealth and Still Have a Passion for Missions

Recently the president of the International Mission Board (IMB), David Platt, announced that his organization will soon cut 600-800 missionaries and staff. The IMB is the missionary sending organization for the Southern Baptists.

A study by The Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary a few years ago made some interesting calculations about not only the missionaries sent by the U.S. but by all countries around the world.

A couple of statistics caught my attention:

  • When the numbers are calculated by the number of missionaries sent per million church members these are the results
    • Palestine – 3014 per million church members followed by Ireland, Malta, and Samoa.
    • South Korea ranked 5th with 1014 missionaries sent per one million church members.
    • United States ranked 9th with 614 missionaries sent per one million church members.
  • The country that received the most missionaries in 2010? The United States, with 32,400 sent from other nations.
*taken from Christianity Today Article.

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How to Praise God While on the Battlefield

Guest Post by Josh Armstrong

Josh and his wife, Jen, live in North Texas. They have a heart for children who need a family and hope one day to live in a foreign country as missionaries. They strongly believe that ALL Christians are “missionaries” and are called to minister with their lives somewhere, even if just to the community in your own backyard. Josh is a podcaster/blogger at ProjectFaithJourney.com.

A missionary friend in South America recently shared the following:

The road that is banked by both joy and sorrow, hope and vulnerability, peace and frustration is the road I think many a missionary must travel. There are “wins’ that triumph the losses, and yet still losses that covet our focus. May our eyes be ever set on Christ, the redeemer of the losses and the confident hope in the midst of our battles.Seth Powell

It’s true. The journey we all face can seem like a battle.

This is a great reminder that we are all missionaries.

When looking at life and the struggles we face, let me share with you truths about the struggles that we all face … They amplify! In fact, as Christians, they amplify things in 3 ways:

  1. How inadequate we are.
  2. How much a big deal our problems seem, and when we finally come around to it…
  3. How big our God is.

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6 Reasons Why You Probably Aren’t a Missionary

Many of you are thinking, “I don’t even want to be a missionary!” I have news for anyone who calls themselves a Christian. God considers each of us a missionary. He sent Himself to us. Now He is sending us to others.

What got me thinking about this is a lot of the news describing the lines of division between people groups. Not only in America, but around the world.

These lines are drawn along things like race, sexual orientation, “the haves and have nots’, religion, political leanings, what family you are from etc.

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Here Is A Great Way to Support Missionaries

When Danielle and I served in Thailand for six months as volunteer missionaries, we spent a lot of time around long-term missionaries from many sending agencies and parts of the world. We learned first hand about how very few missionaries on the field get consistent and sustained support from “back home”.

I’m not referring exclusively to financial support, but maybe even more importantly, prayer and emotional support.

I asked one missionary, who then had been on the field for over 20 years, who her home church was. Her reply, “Well, we have been on the field for so long that we have lost contact with our church back home.”

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Is Our Arrogance Killing Our Passion for Missions?

I sat and listened to a friend who has served in East Asia for seven years talk about how they are sharing the Good News and discipling new believers. I found joy in hearing the things God is doing through their work. It stirred up feelings of pride. Pride. Now that’s an interesting emotion in response to what he was sharing.

My missionary friend was giving a report of his work to a team of pastors and lay leaders. The more I listened, I sensed an air of…hmm how should I put it? Arrogance? I can’t speak for my friends in the room, so I have to confess my own attitude.

I have been in these kind of meetings before. Representatives of the American church asking a missionary who has been serving faithfully, sacrificially, on the field for an account of the work they are doing. Nothing wrong with that.

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6 Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn When You Disciple this Way

We all know that children grow up fast. When it’s not our own children, we notice how much they grow and change every time we see them, especially if it’s only a couple of times a year. But when they live with you…That’s another story.

The days melt together until one day you wake up and your kids are moving out of your house and beginning their lives out on their own. “Have I taught them everything they need to know?’ you ask yourself. Granted you will still have opportunities to give them guidance after they leave your house, but never like you did when they lived with you.

When it comes to discipling—teaching them the ways of God—how do you do it? Do you read God’s Word with them and teach them that way? Do you have family devotionals at mealtime or bedtime? Do you make sure they go to church regularly and hope that they learn something there?

The question is how much of that sinks in and sticks with them? I am sure some does, or at least I hope some does.

I think there is one sure way to disciple your children so that it does stick with them.

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6 Questions for a Missionary

I am excited to introduce you to many missionary friends from around the world. Some live right here in the U.S. with an international focus, others are in countries that are receptive to their work, and still others are in locations hostile to the gospel. I plan to share with you a recorded video interview with a missionary each month.

Danielle with Nella, director of Tamar Cener

Danielle with Nella, director of Tamar Cener

In my work as a volunteer on the foreign mission field and as an advocate and support person here at home, I have noticed one common theme.

The Western church tends to forget over time about its missionaries it has sent around the world.

Maybe that is too harsh. It’s really human nature. When someone isn’t a part of our daily lives, we don’t think about them as often. But we can’t use that as an excuse for not supporting, staying in touch, and most of all fervently praying for our brothers and sisters serving around the world.

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American Sniper “I Am Just Going to the Mall”

My friend Keith and I went to see American Sniper a couple of weeks ago. I know it is a controversial film. Difficult to watch. I heard myself moan, “oh no!” a few times.

If you are wondering…yes, overall, I liked the movie. But, I like movies that challenge me, especially my worldview. This movie does that.

I have read a few things online about the movie. Some say it’s not reality. Doesn’t portray the Iraqi people or Muslim faith in a fair light. Never talks about the shortcomings of the American soldiers and government. Debate over if it is a pro-war or anti-war movie.

I understand these viewpoints or questions, but my mind gravitated to a another theme.

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How God Uses Governments to Carry Out His Purpose

My plan was to travel to an East Asian country later this month to see the start of a mission project. One small, overlooked detail cancelled the trip.

The country where were we were headed “is the most bombed country in the world per capita with more than 270 million cluster submunitions dropped on it during the Vietnam War from 1963 to 1974..”

An estimated 80 million of the cluster submunitions—or ‘bombies’, as they’re known in country – that were dropped on the country during the Vietnam War failed to detonate, remaining ‘live’ in the ground.

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