You Don’t Have to Go Across Town or the World: An Interview with Matt Peacock [Podcast Episode 011]

Partners in Hope Lake Travis Executive Director

My path has crossed many times with Matt Peacock over the past several years. One of those times happened in 2011. As Matt and I drove back from a conference in South Texas, he began sharing a vision he had about a non profit ministry that went out and found those in need in his community instead of waiting for them to reach out for help.

Matt Peacock, executive director of Partners in Hope Lake Travis

Then he invited me to join the inaugural board. Sneaky. I liked what I heard and wanted to help get this off the ground, so I agreed.

In today’s podcast interview, you get to hear some of the back story, the mission of Partners in Hope, stories of hope, and how you can be a part of this ministry. Even if you don’t live in the Austin area, you will benefit from what Matt shares, because you can do the same thing in your community.

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How to Serve the Poor without Causing More Harm than Good

I serve on the board of a local non-profit, Partners in Hope Lake Travis, that serves families who need hope. I use that term intentionally.


Courtesy of Partners in Hope

Courtesy of Partners in Hope

Usually when someone observes the lifestyle of one of these families, they see that they need to clean up their yard, fix their roof, build a wheelchair ramp or repair a fence. While all this may be true, and Partners in Hope serves the families in these ways, it’s not the main thing the families need.

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How God Uses Others When You Need Hope

Kim, a newlywed, was still trying to settle into her new neighborhood. The news of a rapist in the area spread quickly. This was not the neighborhood bonding experience that Kim had anticipated, but she was strong and could take precautions – with a little help from friends and family – she would settle in.

Partners in Hope Logo

The news got worse as the perpetrator attacked more women in the same area of town. Kim worried that she might be next, so she kept the door locked when her husband wasn’t home. She knew that he would protect her if needed, after all, they were newlyweds, and he was her knight in shining armor.

Growing up, Kim spent most of her life as an outdoorsy kind of girl, maintaining a strong bond with her father. As far as she was concerned, he was all she really needed – him and her frequent explorations of the Texas Hill Country. Not seeing a benefit in acting as the social butterfly, she kept mostly to herself at school and hardly ever dated. Nature was her best friend and Texas provided all she needed. Her future was as bright as the Texas sun.

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Why Should They Have to Overcome Their Fear?

Sally wrote a letter to the Executive Director of Partners in Hope Lake Travis after several volunteers worked at her home. She is a collector of what some might call junk. But to her it is a source of income.

Here is how a part of her letter reads:

The thought of 20 people who I never met before were all going to be mad at me or think I was rude or unappreciative and just wanted to collect junk. And then they would be telling all their friends about it and oh my gosh what an embarrassing terrible mess this would turn into…Sally

Her fear was real. She lived in fear of judgment and rejection. Many who live in isolation, poverty, depression or (fill in the blank) live in fear of how others will receive them.

Sally overcame her fear and agreed to allow the volunteers to work at her home.

Read more of her letter:

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How to Give as 2013 Ends

The season of gift giving turns our thoughts to how we can help others. Whether it is out of a heart of compassion or simply a way to cut taxes—or both, it is a noble trait of our society.




If you are going to give to an organization, It is important to do so intelligently. I look at it as a way to invest my money into things that produce an eternal return. I don’t take that lightly.

Here are some things that I pay attention to:

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5 End of Summer Activities that Your Family Will Talk about Forever

Summer is flying by, especially for those with school age children! Here are a few ideas of what to do during these last few weeks of summer. 

I have to admit that my wife and I didn’t think about getting in one more summer activity before school started for over 20 years. In fact, we avoided popular places during the summer. Most of our trips were in the Fall and Spring…one advantage of not having children. But now I think about these things because we have a son.

If you are trying to come up with a one or two last minute, memorable and low-cost things to do this summer, here are a few suggestions:

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