5 Things that Happen When God Has All of me

Does God really want all of me. This question challenges me. Surely God doesn’t expect to have all of me. Don’t I have free will? And my free will is to have some of my time, money, etc. for myself. Didn’t God just set things in motion for us to enjoy our lives however we want to live them?

Occasionally I meet someone who carries a sense of confidence and success that doesn’t come from themselves. It’s a sense of destiny. It’s as if God’s favor rests on them. They exude humility and peace that makes another comfortable in their midst. What they carry attracts others.

Do you know anyone like this?

I know the source, but I think I know why some who call themselves Christians carry this while so many don’t.

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How to Create Space for God and Host His Presence

I think that many of our so-called worship times on Sundays are no more than a concert. I prefer not to attend a lot of concerts.

However, authentic worship that creates space for God and hosts His presence attracts me.

Danielle and I attended a Bethel Worship Night last weekend. Some would call it a concert. I understand why.

However, one of the first things the worship leader said was that there was no agenda or set list to “get through”. He alerted us to the fact that there would be times of waiting which could be awkward for some.

The only agenda was to create space for God and host His presence.

Even though the title of this blog post is how to do that, I really don’t know of a formula to do that.

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Survey—What Should My Next Book Be?

If you have not heard, I published my first book this summer. You can find out more about it here. Even though I am focused on promoting and marketing the book, people are asking me what I am going to write next.

So, far my answer has been that I have outlined a few ideas, which is true. I also want to write a short e-book to give away on my website. My plan is to write the e-book first within the next couple of months. Then in January begin writing on my next book. Want to give your input on what I write about next? I hope you do!

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His Presence Is What We Want

Last Tuesday I posted a blog about living in the present. Are we losing our ability to stay engaged in what is going on right in front of us, right here, right now?


How many times have you participated in a conversation where you were not completely present? You were physically present, but not mentally or emotionally.

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Transformation – a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.  It is a powerful word.


Last year I stood on the banks of the river Thames watching the Tower bridge transform into a passageway for a tall sailboat.  The dramatic change in its form mesmerized me.

I once needed a transformation in my life!

I grew up in a Christian home.  I went to church many times a week.  I knew all the Sunday School answers.  I even got a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

I knew the Bible.  I knew a lot stuff about God, Christianity, and religion.  I could debate with the best of them.

But, I wonder if I really knew Him.

Did I really love Him? What in my life demonstrated my love for Him?  My perfect attendance pin?  My ability to recite many Bible verses from memory?

What about my unseen life?  That part of me that others did not know.  Did it demonstrate a love for my God?

If I were honest with myself, I would have to say no.  I actually demonstrated a love for things of this world.  I wanted popularity.  I wanted to acquire nice things.  I wanted to feel good and be happy.

The world whispered a promise that it could not meet.  Instead, I struggled with anxiety, sadness, and addictions.

I am not sure if God broke me directly or if He just allowed me to break myself.  Regardless, I eventually became broken.

I wanted more than just knowledge of who He was.  I wanted Him.

This is when I began to experience Him.  I began to experience His presence.  His Word became more than just words on a page to me.

No longer was I comfortable with studying His Word while ignoring His call to obedience.  I wanted to know Him through obedience to His Word.  I wanted to know Him through His Presence in my life.

What looks different about me now?  I hope it is evidence of His Presence in my life.

Question – How has your life been transformed?