The Ocean Speaks to Me of His Greatness

Last week we spent a week at the beach. It was colder than I wished. More Spring Break revelers than I cared for or expected. Spent a lot of my time trying to keep up with our three-year-old son. But still, I loved being at the beach.

It doesn’t matter to me whether the sun is shining or a storm is brewing. I love listening to the roar of the waves crashing into the surf; gazing into the never-ending horizon; enjoying a sunrise or sunset over the sea.

Most of all, I love how the ocean speaks to me of God’s Greatness.


I wish we lived a little closer to a coast. We are a 4-5 hour drive from the Texas Gulf Coast. But I know anytime I point my vehicle south, I will eventually end up on the coast staring at the water. I can’t escape that fact.

I can’t run or hide from God either. He is there whether I acknowledge Him or not. He is before me and behind.

For me, that is comforting, not threatening. I feel the same way about the ocean. When I am in its presence, I feel at peace.


As much as I feel at peace when I am around the sea, I also respect its awe-inspiring power. Its vastness makes me feel small. Its energy, especially during a storm, causes submission.

God’s power inspires and causes reverent fear within me as well.


as exceeding usual limits; extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience.Webster Dictionary

God is different and set apart from me. I am completely dependent on Him for my existence.

When I look out over the ocean, I am mesmerized by how different it is from who I am and how I live.


I know what the ocean is, but I have no way of knowing everything about it. I cannot comprehend the vastness or depth of the ocean or the mysteries contained in it.

God too is beyond my comprehension. His ways are not my ways. He is mysterious. I can learn new things about Him until the day I die, and still I will not know all of who He is. Not even close.


Unchangeable. That is what immutable means. I know some would say that the ocean does change. But in its very essence, it remains an ocean. Some attributes of it never change, at least in my experience.

God definitely is unchangeable. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. What a glorious thought.

I could easily continue exploring the endless facets of God’s greatness. What his greatness elicits in me is unending praise!

I love how the ocean reminds me of who He is. It raises up a voice of praise within me.

It is good to think and ponder about who God is

the people who know their God will display strength and take actionDaniel 11:32b NASB


What reminds you of the greatness of God? What are some other attributes of God’s Greatness?

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